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Hello everyone,

I know that people on this forum have very diverse backgrounds which include languages other than english, which may be their primary or a secondary language. I would like to get to know everyone better here so I'd like to know what languages you are able to speak.

Personnally, I speak english as my native tongue and I speak Canadian French as my secondary language. I am pretty good with my french but I'm sure those of you who speak french as well on this forum may find my french embarassing. :p

I think I'd like to learn how to speak gaelic someday, Scots Gaelic that is. A lot of my Scottish relatives speak gaelic and I'd like to learn more about my heritage through them.

Anyone else speak any other languages besides english? Pig Latin doesn't count! :) ...igPay atinLay...
Originally posted by Padipa
Anyone else speak any other languages besides english?
Where shall I start?

My native language is American English (although I can speak/understand Queen's English), and I speak Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Irish Gaelic, a bit of French, a bit of German, a bit of Hebrew, a bit of Arabic, a little ASL, some Italian, some Russian (much to the delight of one of my former professors), some Portuguese, a little Danish, some Latin (not "Pig" though), and I'm getting ready to start studying Ojibway (one of the American Indian languages). I also kinda speak Feline.

Any questions? *raises an eyebrow*

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Wow, impressive list, Phyllis!

Ummm...let's see--I am currently working on Spanish (my little dog prefers it:)) but I had better finish learning English first! Oh, yeah, I also speak kitty. You know which language I think is really beautiful, even though I can hardly understand a word? Portuguese.

I speak English and some German and a tiny bit of Spanish. I've also studied Latin and Greek (Jesuit-educated in the Classics, believe it or not), which comes in handy in the legal profession sometimes.
First language is french. I also speak english (I'm sure you're surprised hehe) and am not too bad in spanish and chinese (putonghua). I also had classical latin courses back then.

If I'm ever Phyllis' shadow, I'll be really proud :rolleyes:
My first language is (American) English, though I'm told I've almost completely lost the American accent. I used to be extremely fluent in Danish, but I haven't used it regularly in about five years, so it's gotten kinda clunky, though I can still read it. My German is not as good as it was two years ago (last time I lived there), but I can still understand and read, and speak it well enough to get by. My Dutch is coming along quite nicely, thank you, and when I read French I can get the general gist. I'm trying to improve my Italian.
In the past, I've tried to teach myself Latin, Gaelic, and Arabic - but never got past the first lessons. I feel I have no capacity for languages, and don't even have a proper understanding of English. :)
English is my native language, and I speak German pretty well (not perfectly, but I'm getting there - just need to expand my vocabulary ;)). I'd definitely love to expand into ancient languages, like Latin or Greek, and Hebrew would just kick butt.

I really envy people who can speak multiple languages with ease - my sister speaks Russian and Arabic fluently, and I am absolutely jealous. :)
I only speak American English. I can read Latin, Spanish, and a little French. I understand British English, some Spanish, some Twi. I will study Hebrew and Greek. I'd like to study Sanskrit. I pick it up well on paper but speaking it is something entirely different for me. Hats off to those who articulate. As for me: All in time...
I speak Russian and French, and understand some Gaelic and Arabic (enough to know when the neighbors and grandparents were pleased or ticked off with me) ;)


my native language is Spanish, I used to speak German, but, 10 years without practice really do take their toll...English is my day-to-day language nowadays...(working with an office-full of foreigners, some of them have English as their native language...others can't speak Spanish, and I definetely don't speak their languages either, so ...)
My first language is English, I did French to GCSE and got an A (wooo!) but then I didn't carry on and have forgotten most of it. I also studied German for a year but I really wish I'd carried on with it. I once tried to teach myself Turkish but that was unsucsessful.