Cypriots 2000 years ahead :)


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Italian researches have found that wine was produced in Cyprus 2000 years earlier then anywhere else :)
Hehe ! You never give up, PM ? :p

What kind of wine and when exactly were those 2000 years ahead ?
Don't tease us with history without a link, please. :)
I'm not sure I read it this morning in the Sun newspaper ( ), apparently Italian researches found evidence that Cyprus presuming they are Neolithic / Minoan civilisations produced wine 2000 years before the first know people in the world. I think this adds more weight to Cyprus being the ancient civilisation of Atlantis, the root of all civilisations. I mean if the Egyptians wrote about them, then just imagine..
Are you sure about that link ? I could't find any trace of the article you are talking about.
it was a tiny article, on the top right side of the page, I did a search on there site, not mentioned... But I searched the net and found this to prove me right.


and to think I have relatives that produce wine in Cyprus with a historical past In Paphos (East coast). It does seem like the sun was mistken to say we were the first, since older wine makers have been found in Iran by yet an other 2000 years :( However Cyprus oldest in the Med.
I'm sure you'll find something else to prove you are number one. :)

What I don't understand is how come some italian researchers are interested by this and not cypriots' one. Hmm. Maybe they were hoping to be them no. 1. :D
Well, Greek Cypriots are only a population of 700'000 I suppose there simply aren’t enough people to cover all fields of research. The funny thing is, Cyprus has the highest rates of people with, diplomas, degrees and masters. When the British first came to Cyprus, they used to think the Cypriots were illiterate because I think there wasn't even a university at the time lol, however what they didn't realise was, that Cyprus was like the many other Greek Islands, where people would go abroad to study espcially in mainland Greece in places like Athens. This under-estimation is probably what caused so much life loss when the Brits came ;) Greek Cypriots still keep to this tradition with Greece, however now they also go all over the world to study and it's actually such a big problem that the government set up this site of whom I'm affiliated with :). I think your right though, probably the Italians were trying to prove they were the first Med wine makers only to discover otherwise, there hands must have been all over the place :)

This might be interesting check out the neolithic period :D