What sort of person was Jesus?


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I wonder what his personality was like..? If someone had to explain him on general imagination how would you?

Would you say he was a serious man? Or a happy man? He must have been charismatic to which drew people to him naturally and on the other end of the scale oppose him. Would he have been the one to laugh at jokes? Or maybe not?
Well, since he was filled with God, I can only guess based on what I know from the gospels and my experience of God and vision of Christ. Loving. Forgiving. Joyful despite his pain and suffering. Peaceful. I bet he was a fun guy to be around, and that he laughed at jokes, provided they were in good taste. :) Strong. It would take amazing strength to allow oneself to suffer as he did, when he had the power to release himself from those bonds of suffering.
Wish I had time to write more (and better) on this, but I saw your post, Postmaster, and just had to jump in.

So glad you brought it up! I have always been amazed that Jesus is so often described as "an angry young man." I do not see Him that way--except on an occasion or two, and even then, I believe that His actions would have not been maniacal or anything--just righteous indignation.

I have always imagined Him with a gleam in His eye on many occasions, such as the one where He asked the Pharisees to show Him a coin when they tried to trap Him on the issue of paying taxes to Caesar. Lots of times I believe that the underlying tone he used was probably tinged with a great deal more humor than we can see in the translations over culture and time.

After all, God created humor, did He not? (At least that is how I see it.) I believe He has a great sense of humor--all I have to do is look at my dog to know that!

I think Jesus was probably a lot like most young philosophy, theology, or seminary students you meet. They are very passionate about their beliefs and what they are doing, but they seem to view the whole situation as kind of humorous. I imagine Jesus was the kind of guy who laughed at life quite a lot, even at things that others might not have found funny. I also imagine Jesus occasionally just sat back and said to himself, "Am I really doing this? Am I really trying to change the world?"
I remember this one story where Jesus cursed a fig tree for not bearing any figs. Very human. Also kind of humorous.

But remember, Jesus is God (or at least filled with God). He sees eternity captured in a single moment. He knows everything intimately. What is funny to us, as limited beings, probably wouldn't be funny to him.

I wouldn't say he was all that serious, though, but rather peaceful. When he was sitting in that boat, with the storm raging all about, he was taking a nap. He was utterly confident (and why shouldn't he have been) that nothing could harm him, except that which he allowed to harm him. The only times he really got serious were when people grievously sinned against him and the Father. At all other times, he was loving and calm. Well, at least, that's how I imagine him.
I do agree with the fact that He must have a sense of humor.. God created us with humor.. and we have to agree that laughter is a joyous feeling... I do not believe that He had much opportunity to joke around with His disciples but I can picture them all sitting around laughing and having fellowship.. I must say that I cannot wait to hear Jesus laugh... I think I might cry.
God also created hate and jelousy...

I personally believe Jesus was a serious man but had happiness in his eyes. Jesus was all about suffering and passion for the people. Look throughout history, Joan of arc, Saint George, Pope John Paul, mother Teresa, I imagine him to have been like these people! Serious, yet extremely kind and giving by actions, a very conservative person, a mind reader, the all knowing and cynical about many things. To me the difference between saints and Christ is, Christ was never hypocritical throughout his life, where as saints sinned did and preached the work of God. I'd say Christ is the sort of person that if you ever met him you'd never forget him for the rest of your life regardless what you thought of him. I imagine he had this ray of energy, a divinely charasmatic glow.

Here would be a Christian Orthodox version of Christ.

Hello all,
I also have to jump here because i love jesus.
I believe Jesus was just a smart prophet not god.One thing i don't understand about jesus is why jews rejected him?,When he could raise dead people alive,cure people etc.
Postmaster said:
I wonder what his personality was like..? If someone had to explain him on general imagination how would you?

Would you say he was a serious man? Or a happy man? He must have been charismatic to which drew people to him naturally and on the other end of the scale oppose him. Would he have been the one to laugh at jokes? Or maybe not?
I think we know much about Jesus, Postmaster. As a twelve year old He lead his parents on a wild goose chase for three days (they were sick with worry because they could not find Him), while he entertained the elders with His insight (stunned them is more appropriate, which is why they didn't bother sending word out that the boy was lost and being kept safe in the temple). The elders only gave Him up at the obvious anguish of His parents...

Upon realizing that He gave His parents much anguish, He reigned in His desire to "Be about His Father's business", and minded His Earthly parents...

So we know at age twelve He was obedient to parental authority, yet had the capacity to command the attention of the wisest of sages...for three days straight!

We know that during a wedding, someone goofed and somehow Jesus' mother had influence over the wedding (in Cannan no less). The wine captain was in a panic, and Mary took over (like a good mother of wisdom and experience would). She called on Jesus to fix the embarrassing problem (about the wine). Jesus was about to "complain" that His time to do His Father's work was not yet...his mother turns to the wine captain and instructs him to do exactly as her Son says...

So here you see an interesting paralax. Jesus, starts God's work, Mom says not now...years later Jesus hesitates to start God's work, Mom says now is the time...and both times Jesus obeyed his mother.

We know he was raised as the son of a carpenter, and that He learned that trade. The term carpenter applied to wood working men back then is VERY misleading. A "Carpenter" had to cut the trees down with axe and hand saw, then season the wood for a year or more, then plane it down into usable "planks and boards"...all by hand. Then cut it down to sticks and spindles for cabinetry, tables and chairs. A Carpenter had to understand physics, chemistry, algebra, and geometry. After 10 or so years of being a carpenter's apprentice, a man tended to be rather thickly muscled, lean of fat, and calloused of the hands. His face and upper body would be darkly tanned, and even dark haired people would show bleaching effects on their hair. At thirty His dark hair would have shown premature whisps of white here and there.

We know He was at ease talking with just about anyone and everyone. And after His earthly father's death, He began is "work".

I'll stop here. If you are interested in my continuing...let me know. ;)


I have a picture of a man probably about 6 ft. Strong and slim. Sun-bronzed. Square and calloused hands. Skinned knuckles. All from carpentry. Dark brown eyes with gold flecks. Brown, curly hair, sun-streaked with hints of copper tied back at the nape of his neck. Thick dark beard. I picture him stroking his beard and smiling alot especially when he held a child in his arms. Probably was nothing remarkable at first glance and able to blend into a crowd till he locked eyes with you and compassion poured into your soul.

And Q we are always interested so please continue.;)