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Namaste Brian,

I was wondering what you thought about adding a new section to the site, one for Science discussions?

i'm very interested in dicsussing the No Boundary Proposal and the Anthropic Principle and how those things can change our understanding of life, the universe and everything (little homage to Adams;)
Vajradhara, do you mean something like a philosophy forum, or similar, rather than a science and nature one?

Actually, I do have it in my mind to revise the forum structure - I need to cater for general questions of beliefs - absolutely anything, rather than the current structure that insists that all belief is a modern religion, alternative spirituality, or anient belief system - as the current forum dictates.

For the moment feel free to start it in the "Science and Nature" section - and when/if I restructure the forum I can easily move the thread across to a new board.

If anyone has any specific recommendations you are more than welcome to make them. This place needs to develop fluidly.
I said:
If anyone has any specific recommendations you are more than welcome to make them. This place needs to develop fluidly.

Hi, Brian!

I'm of two minds, here. I like the relative simplicity of the forum as it stands. On the other hand, there are lots of things that would now fall under "Alternative Spirituality" that fit therein only with difficulty, if at all. Past topics have included mentions of ideas such as magic, the Qaballa, and hypnotism that do not, traditionally, fall under religious or spiritual practices.

And, frankly, until you have a LOT more people taking advantage of these boards, it's probably better to allow them to find all the woo-woo stuff, for example, in one place.

As I just posted over in the lounge, I currently have a bee up my butt for Hermetic magic; while development of self is both a vital part of all ceremonial religious practice AND can be considered spiritual, a distinct room for ceremonial magic might eventually be appropriate . . . or at least a board devoted to magic in general. I very much doubt there's that much general interest in the group at this point, but later? . . .

Anyone else have some thoughts on this?
Expansion of the boards has always been an idea - but it's something I prefer to play with slowly, and as demand presents itself.

For example, my chronicles-network forum started out as just three boards. And that's the way I prefer to play it - smaller but busier boards, slowly expanding out as required - rather than many dead boards.

Currently, the forum imitates the main CR site in structuring, but I really do see room for change coming. Likely not big changes, but still significant. Not yet defined as yet - I'm peering through a glass darkly. I'm sure it'll come to me. :)
Namaste all,

i, too, have had an abiding interest in cermonial magik.. for many years now. i used to live at one of the IOT chapter houses here in the states. however, it's really be a long while since i've bent my efforts towards western magikical systems of any type, and i'm really rusty :)

though i'm all over the eastern alchemical traditions, like orange on cheetos!