Countdown to 2000


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Wild, Wild West
Not the year, the number of members at CR. I see we are closing in on 2000.


Let the countdown begin! Do we have a prize for the 2000th member?
lunamoth--you're back? Yay! Were you gone? If you were, did you have a nice time? Sorry to get off the subject, but I have missed you!

I have to admit, I've not been taking too much notice of the joining stats, but 2000 sounds like a good milestone to reach. :)

Now at 1975 as well. :)
1987...and welcome catechism. :)

These numbers keep making me think of the years. In 1987 I was still working in my first post-undergrad job, had been married for just three years, was living the Yuppie life just north of NYC...

Anyways, just 13 more (new members) to go...


Okay--I know--party in the lounge (drinks are on me), and #2000 recieves a free membership.:D


Are we down to ten? Time to drop the ball? Time for "Auld Lang Syne"?:)

As Always,
Yup, we're at 1990! Welcome Saponification. :)

Glad to hear at least one other person will be at the party, InLove. :D IFSP makes great cake, if he? shows up.

1994! Welcome finding my way!

So, we gained 14 new members from june 6 to june 10, averaging 3.5 new members per day during the work week. Since yesterday we have gained, count 'em, 7 new members. With just six to go I predict we hit 2000 on Monday. Place your bets...and whoever is online for the big event please be sure to fill us in. :)

Can you feel the excitement??? :D Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Hi, and Peace, All you beautiful people!

Lunamoth--you crack me up!

And then there were five....welcome, Bi Dhikri Allah:) .

We might not make it to Monday.

I think we should "fling" something (for those of you who kept up with the TV series "Northern Exposure.")

All together now..."five, four, ...and so on and so forth...."

Me again--peace--

I was just thinking of poor, unsuspecting #2000--It could be traumatic for someone just trying to blend in for a while--maybe it will be someone who has already been watching.:)

Just thinking-- (my thought process is returning, slowly but certainly:cool: )

Three to go...

Edit: Two, now, as I was counting--lol! Folks are joining so fast I can't even keep up with names--so welcome everyone--and please stop by the introduction board sometime if you like!:)
InLove, just got your refernce to the "fling." I think they flung a cow in NE, right? That would be disrespectful in an interfaith forum. I know, let's fling I, Brian. He's a good sport!
As Juantoo3 has said, "'waiting with baited breath' (shouldn't have had shrimp for lunch...":D

Yes, let's fling Brian--where is he?:)

Or maybe I am thinking of cow tipping. It's now seeming unlikely to me that they would fling a cow on TV, even if pretend and in jest. Do you think we should tip I, Brian?

BTW, I was hoping someone would come up with the prize of a free membership to CR. :D
I dunno--trying to remember all that--but I know that if I can't find the waiter, I don't tip him.:D

This is fun--got CR open in two windows so I can watch AND post!

Edit: They flung a piano too--the cow-tipping thing just sunk in--haha--you'd think I'd have gotten that right away, being from Texas and all..:rolleyes:
InLove, keep the vigil. I'm exhausted and so am going to bed, but perhaps I'll pop in before I nod off just to see if we hit 2000 tonight. If I'm gone be sure to give a warm welcome along with that free membership.

Good night! And thanks for hanging in here with me...