Greetings my fellow Earthlings!


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I live in this fake illusion.
Greetings my fellow Earthlings!

Sup people of this community, I'm new here. Although, this isn't my first post, this will be my introduction to you guys/girls/chimeras/others.

Ok, yea. I'm a guy. I am currently 17. I live in westcoast USA. Right now, I have a 4 page essay due tomorrow. I'm Asian, I don't deny that. I was born in India. Moved to America about 5 and half years. Yea sure. Why not.

What I do in my spare time?

I do alot of different things depending on the enviroment around me. For example, if I am at a park with my friends and it's sunny, then it would probably mean I'm out there playing basketball with them. If I am in my house, writting this, then I guess I am bored.

What I like?

Girls, really hot girls. I won't lie to you. And well that's about it, what can I say? I'm a teenager.

What I dislike?

Well I dislike people who disliking.. well not really, it's more like "I pity the fool". lol

What I would like to have?

I would like to have those cool powers of Magneto. They are awesome.

What is my favorite song/artist/band/genre?

I guess I prefer PUNK ROCK, JAZZ, BLUES, TECHNO for genre.
I prefer Group X, Weird Al, Greenday, Sum 41, and others that I can't think of.

'Sup, nonreligiouspersona?

I am glad you decided to stop by here for a formal intro.

See you around on the boards for a long while (I hope).

I think I already said this, but welcome to CR.:)

Hi NRP, and welcome to CR. :)

Sum 41, eh? I remember when they were on before Universal crippled and burned the place - nice to hear they seem to have moved on up in the world. :)