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hello everyone
sorry, i didn't realise i was supposed to introduce myself till i blundered in here by chance. actually if i had realised, i still wouldn't have introduced myself till i started to feel a bit at home here, so that was good timing.
well, first of all, congratulations on a wonderful site....and i DO feel very at home here.
my name "dayaa" is arabic for lost....short for lost between worlds.
that pretty much explains me. i've got "dodgy default settings" or "too many drivers trying to run my faith program" ....my background is a mix up of atheist/muslim with some christian influence. i suppose i'd class myself as predominantly muslim.....but with worries and doubts and searching.
i have a strong personal faith but find it difficult to "fit in".
i'm a housewife and mother of four, and a new granny:) , lone parent, also with "grandma" living with us. no special qualifications in religion....just looking for the right way for me and my family.
my love in life is my children and my garden.:)
Welcome, dayaa! This is a good place to find yourself if you are lost, or at least explore what others have found.

I am also a stay home mom, with two preschoolers (actually, the elder starts K-garten in August, which is so hard for me to believe). And, I also love my garden. I'm in a place now where I can only have flowers unless I want to start growing my veggies in the front lawn! But, I have less time for my gardens now anyway with the two little ones running around. When they are both in school I'll have to get creative with those vegetable patches.

Hi, dayaa--welcome:)!

Even though we have already met, it is nice to know a little more about you.