Truth as Relative

If good is the dominant force, then you can judge truth by democracy and populairty ;) That's my theory anyway.. That's why Christianity is the greatest religion in world +.
If popularity is the contingency for deciding Truth, then if China is anything to go by, Communism is the greatest political system ever invented. :)

I'll try to keep this on religion, rather than politics, though. My main concern is that it is so easy for the individual to think that they know "Truth" - and I know there are a lot of people who are present, or who have passed through this forum, and believe to some degree that they have known Truth, either as a strictly personal experience, or as part of embracing an existing religion as offering a sole Absolute. I don;t exclude myself from this list, either, which is all the more reason why I consider the acceptance of the relative position of religious thought as ultimately of most concern - ie, it is not what we think as most important, but how we behave. In which case, the relative differences become far less of an issue, IMO, if that action is perceived generally to be good - ie, compassionate action.
I think I've discovered truth to a certain extent, and to me it's basically everything you get you have to earn, suffering and pain does not go unrewarded... To perform Good and positive you have to sacrifice in all circumstances but you get it back eternally.. This is a Christian point of view.. But for those that do not follow the chirstianian ideology, it doesn't mean that they are less or ignorant. It just means they want to give less, therefore they get less. Christianity is not a club or a cult. It’s a philosophy based upon reward for suffering and sacrifice, that’s the symbolism of the cross. But there is many truths, it all depends how much you want to give.

Sorry for keeping this focused on Christianity it’s all I know. The most popular political system in the world is democracy isn’t it? If think truth is democracy, and Christianity it shows that God and good always comes out on top. You can't expect an animal to enter the kingdom of god can you, Jesus said animals are not as important as humans. That man acted worse then an animal and way below the standards of a normal person.

i would say start with "What is truth?" & go from there with the literal & relative.

that story in the link is truth, but a sad truth.
What was this mans truth? what did he believe? perhaps it wasnt his belief that made him commit these crimes as much as it was his evil nature. Do we Know the truth? No because truth is relative and only perception exists. Perception can be validated with evidence and logic and thats what creates religion.
Truth?!!! I have my truth but it is almost certainly different to yours! :)
Have a good one!