Things Children Do



What are some of the things children do? say between ages 1 & 4.

the funny things, the trouble things, the sad things, the things we expect & wait for, looking forward to them doing?

what is the first one(s) that comes to your mind?

for me, it is when they unroll all the toilet paper & drag it all over the house laughing because they think it is so funny.:)
Well, this is how my five-year-old tells a joke:

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Mr. Potato Head.
Mr. Potato Head who?
Mr. Potato Head toaster, silly!

On a more bittersweet note, as some of you know my daughters are adopted. We talk about their adoption story as a normal part of our family conversation and over the last couple of years have had to clarify how even when you are adopted you were also born, just like everyone else. So, that introduces the concept of the birth mother and for quite a while we just weren't sure if she was getting it, since she never said much back to us about that. Until a gap in the conversation during a big family reunion dinner at my sister-in-law's house. Everyone is chatting away and she's eating dinner and suddenly there is a natural lull in the conversation, and she says:

"I was born in China but my family couldn't keep me so now I am part of this family and we don't know who my birth mommy is but we love her."

Everyone else just kind of gave her a quick mmm-hmm and smile, while my husband and I are exchanging glances of amazement because she had never put it together in words to us before. Just one of those examples of how kids save those spectacular breakthroughs for the most awkward moments...

Hi, Peace--

When my youngest daughter was about 5, her pet goldfish died. She seemed so sad, so I found a pretty gold necklace box and laid dear Goldie in it and tied fresh wildflowers on top. My daughter's little band of backyard buds and I lovingly laid the poor creature to rest under a tree in our flower garden. I said the best fish prayer I knew, thanking God for all that Goldie had taught us and all the pleasure she had brought. Everyone had a cookie and solemnly went home. My daughter spent the rest of the day in her room, presumably in mourning.

Now, I should give you a little background here on my daughter. She loved to explore. A real little archeologist type--plus there wasn't a bug or anything she would not pick up and play with.

A week after the interment, I noticed the neighborhood kids with my daughter out in the backyard, all bent over in a circle, excited noises eminating from within. "Toad, or maybe a snake," thought I, so I decided it would be wise to investigate for the safety of all involved--including the critter whose unfortune it was to suddenly become the object of their attention.

To my dismay, I found that the commotion was over Goldie. My daughter, sweet dear, had gotten curious and convinced her friends that it would be cool to exhume the body to see what it "looked like now".

Yeah--right--sugar and spice....:)

Hi Again!

(Is "unfortune" actually a word? LOL! I meant "misfortune!)

Anyway, that isn't why I am posting again. I thought, since I was talking about kids and pets, I would add that my oldest daughter always wanted to name her pets after herself--Christina the Butterfly, Chrissy the Cat, etc.:)

Here are some words that were part of the language when my girls were younger--and they still pop up from time to time in our conversations:

mamminals (animals)
yunnings (onions)
frigafrator (refrigerator)
and of course, the ever popular "pasghetti" (spaghetti)

i think of the time when they just have to stick there tiny finger on the stove & stick something metal into the electric socket:( .no matter how many times you say no & how you try to protect them, they always have to make sure that it is hot. at least I remembering doing that & my only son did it too.

Hey Luna,
My mom was adopted too. Into a real nice family. The best thing that could have ever happened.
I have a niece that has this thing, where she puts a potaote chip into my mouth, then after i eat it, I have to say,

"Goodbye, potaote chip, nothing."

I have no idea:) but I wish i could tell what they are thinking.
Having a bilingual kid is fun!

my daughter can't say "lengua", she says luenglua instead...she's so ashamed of it, she uses the word in English - tounge...of course, half the world doesn't know what she's talking about!

The other day, she says: Mom, what's "Lord", I don't know, can you tell me where you heard it??...You. You said "Thank You, Lord"...
My 2.5's latest trick is to empty the soap out of the hand-soap pump containers and fill them with water instead. Caught her in the act today, and found one surprise example of handiwork in the downstairs bathroom.

She is going to keep me on my toes.

Older sister started Kindergarten today. She was a little nervous about the bus ride, but did it with flying colors and was proud. Me too. :p

Hey, luna--

Oh my, how quickly they learn:). At least they are clean?

Here's to all the kids and moms and dads and families that are going "back to school".

God bless you...and keep you...and be with you...

And I thank Him for already doing that with me and mine:).

Enjoy it now.

And God look after you...and keep you... and:) ...

i always get a kick out of how they play sides with each parent. if dad says no, they ask mom, thinking she will say yes.

then it is kind of funny the way children get mad at someone else and blame others for there own mistakes. that pouting session can last for hours.
miclason said:
Having a bilingual kid is fun!

my daughter can't say "lengua", she says luenglua instead...she's so ashamed of it, she uses the word in English - tounge...of course, half the world doesn't know what she's talking about!

The other day, she says: Mom, what's "Lord", I don't know, can you tell me where you heard it??...You. You said "Thank You, Lord"...

i think that is neat too. i listen to them in library & it is cool the way they go back & forth from spanish to english. every sentence is in both languages. it makes me smile.

& the way words are pronounced at that tender age. like spaghetti..pasgetti..apsghetti. :)
oh yah! & the different ways they eat it.
Hey, miclason!

Como se dice, "My tongue gets twisted"?

Mi lengua esta es????

(Sorry--did not take time to look up all the symbols--know what I mean?:) By the way, do you have a Spanish keyboard?)

My youngest daughter who is now expecting her own daughter any day now was younger she had some learning disabilities from being a 2 pound preemie.
She learned to walk at three and I was so proud of her.
She was in a Christmas program at a early intervention program and she was so excited and so was I. she got to sing up on the housetop and put her little hands over her head. Well Mindy had on red corduroy pants and as she raised those little tiny hands over her head a large wet spot started covering her pants, then she proceeded to take them off and yell Look Mommy I took them off all by myself. Having worked with these little mun kins since Mindy was an infant I did not really give a second thought about nor did any of the other parents. I was used to bringing extra clothes. My ex mother-in-law was horrified and embarrassed.
My daughter was not expected to walk nor walk and to have the mind of a 3 year old at best. I just was not going to let this happen without a fight for her. My Mom and I looked and found this amazing old doctor who to this day I think has a miracle worker and helped her turn around. Mindy for a long time had a rough time but every little thing she learned she learned it with joy.
She is now an artist, with a degree in art and teaching and works with special need kids. Her husband and Mindy just bought their first house and he will have his masters this year sometime.
My oldest grandson is 13, when he was 2 he had a thing for big bird. It was thanksgiving morning and we were getting ready for the day and I had mentioned to my oldest daughter within ear range of a 2 year old that we were having a big bird for dinner. Caleb heard and burst out crying and we could not figure out what was wrong until my daughter finally got her calmed down and he told her that grandma was not going to cook his big bird cause he had to have big bird to sleep with
when my oldest first went to kindergarten, I was ashamed and embarrassed one day when the teacher asked him to count to five. He got up and said, one , two, smack!!!!!!
(OOOOOps, Im such a bad mother)lol