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Raise an Ebenezer
By Bobby Neal Winters

One of the things that has been bouncing in and out of my head this summer is the question of how people as a group remember important events. If one generation learns something important, it should be passed on to the next but how? In some sense that would be people in the past talking to us in the here and now or us taking to the future.

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Hello, Okie,

I sometimes struggle with myself regarding whether I should actually post a reply on your newest thread. Why? I really do not want to detract from your original post. Gee--I hope you are not too awfully annoyed with me about it.

But you know how sometimes you just want to comment? I mean, say something? Yeah, I'll wager you do.

As one of your recent newsletter subscribers, and even a receiver of the Morning Sun now--and I suppose that it was the tire thread (that's "thread" not "tread":)) that finally did it--I just want to thank you for posting here in CR. I hope you can leave this one up (in its entireity<--I just realized that I do not know how to speel that word, and I do not care at the moment) a little longer than usual. But, then, what do I know about it?:)

Love your writing--is your book available offline as well (I mean, like in a bookstore?)

I'll leave this up until Tuesday. That is when the put in the the Morning Sun.

Glad you like my stuff.

I am going to be at a book signing in Ada, Oklahoma tomorrow. I hope you will keep me in your prayers.