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It was suggested I start a new thread and I've given it the above title because I believe that all religions are connected, ancient cutures and traditions are connected, and we are all "the chosen ones" .... It's getting pretty close to September 11 and I've been thinking a lot about the symbol of the twin towers or twin pillars. I've also been thinking so much about why we fight over who is right, who are the chosen ones, and why can't we have a dialogue that shows how we are all connected and perhaps we are all wrong, and we are all right. So let me start this dialogue, for any that wish to join, with something that the twin pillars are connected with .... that of the lightening strike or thunderbolt.

My basic belief is that all religions, all ancient traditions and cultures are connected in their inner meanings .... this is what I simply call the "ancient path of knowledge or wisdom" .... all paths lead to the same mountaintop .... we are all travelers on the path to the mountaintop, but each looks just a little different.

I'll try to summarize these just to start the discussion using the lightening strike or thunderbolt just as a beginning.

Initiates of the Thunderbird Clans (Native Americans) acquire the ability to channel the power of the "Bird of Lightening" through their own bodies and use it for healing and spiritual transformation. This power is explosive like a bolt of lightning and when handled appropriately can be transmitted into others to elicit a spontaneous healing or to awake the inner "lightning" energy.

For the Schi'tsu'umsh (the Coeur d'Alene Tribe) they tell us of the story of red thunder .... a phenomena rarely seen in nature .... it is a red flash in the sky at night .... it is connected with four thunder beings known as ancient and holy beings of nature possessing great powers and certain qualities. It is a sacred sign.

In the Chinese tradition, the ancients believe that "lightening" was the written word of the gods and its vibration of thunder is the voice of their edicts.

In the Hawaiian tradition the "hekili", lightening bolt, are the pathways of the 'aumakua in the dark' (aumakua are out ancestors) .... these 'spears of light' .... shadows and rays of the sun determine time in the cosmos because they are filters of knowledge of the unknown .... in petroglyphs of cosmos designs, circular spiral whirlpools are seen and this is where the divination of the aumakua are given to the "chosen ones" (which is all of us .... not just hawaiians) .... you will see connections to this with the sun-dagger in Chaco canyon which is connected with a petroglphy of a supernova.

Even on this site it was posted "wisdom and compassion, wisdom fused with compassion is symbolized by the Vajra (diamond thunderbolt) seen in various paintings with Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

In the Quaballah, there is a connection to the twin pillars (there is also a third pillar ....the spinal column) and they are connected by a bolt of lightening.

The lightening flash symbolizes the descent of Divine Consciousness into the plane of matter .... to have this experience is to have one's mundane consciousness ovethrown. It is a process of enlightnment or visions or revelations.

Even little Harry Potter has a flash of lightning on his forehead. This is a symbol of the transformation of consciousness within and takes place through the awakening of the inner "third eye" of seeing which is actually a reference to the pineal gland in the center of the brain which is also known as the epiphysis .... connected to the word epiphany.

The inner spiralling energy (sometimes known as serpent energy) must run up the spinal column, enter the brain through the brain stem (also known as the repitilian brain) and bridge the right and left hemisphere .... thus the three hemispheres must merge to become "One". This is the concept of the "trinity" that becomes "One".

The human body (with arms stretched out to each side) forms the "human cross" .... there are four energy centers below the level of the neck, and three above .... this is the 4+3=7 or the merging of female and male energies within our own bodies. When the 4 and 3 are re-connected we have the great marriage of heaven and earth, or sky father and earth mother, or in the hawaiian tradition wakea and papa. The severed head is reconnected to the body (symbolically speaking) and we are reborn. Also when the energy crossed from the underworld (the 4 centers of the body below the neck) to the upper world (the three above the neck) we crossover or passover into the place of paradise. To do this we must ovecome many blocks and human emotions, that the the struggle to overcome our ego's .... to me that is also the meaning of "jihad" to overcome, to struggle within .... not to struggle with another human being. When we finally get to the mountaintop we do find paradise or the promised land ....it is a state of mind. I'm not saying that the outer physical places do not exist, for they do and we fight over many of them. But to me the real essence of who we are is related to settling in the promised land through our own brains and our spirituality. It takes great passion to run this energy and that passion itself creates a chemical change in our brains. The twelve pairs of cranial nerves operate the whole system and they are symbolized in the great circle of twelve, the twelve gates to heaven, the 12 gods of Mount Olympus, the 12 sages, ...... and many other references. I'll close here and see what others think. He hawai'i au, pohaikawahine (my hawaiian literally means a 'circle of women' and is connected with a circle of twelve). I hope these thoughts are of interest to others.