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Discussion in 'Politics and Society' started by Awaiting_the_fifth, Aug 16, 2005.

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    Mar 30, 2005
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    Satay asked me in another thread

    I could have answered in that thread or I could have answered in the other London Bombings thread, but when I thought about my answer I decided that a new thread was warrented.

    Now that things have calmed down and we've all had a chance to think things over, how do I feel about the London Bombings?

    Im having a hard time dealing with it.

    Im just really confused about it actually. I really dont know what its all about any more. Dont know why they did it or what we did to provoke them. Dont know if it even really matters that people died, was it karma? Did they run out of the Virtue needed for this life? or is it tragic. It feels tragic.

    I want to understand and sympathise with the people who feel so horribly trapped that they would do this, but I also want to get angry with them. In reality, I cant do either.

    I feel that they should be hunted down and punished, but my religion teaches that to punish them in any real way would only create more negative karma.

    When i remember, i can still feel that worst feeling imaginable when I didnt know if so many of my loved ones were alive or dead.

    And now I keep seeing news programmes where young muslims are being interviewed saying that Bin Laden and similar individuals are icons and role models to them. Then I see news programmes saying that these attrocities are condemned by islam and I dont know who to believe.

    I am lost in a sea of political conspiracy theories and spiritual ambiguities. If anyone has any insight to offer, it would be appreciated.
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    Namaste Friend,

    Your words remind of Arjuna. I didn't want to post here a lot of quotes so I request you to read Gita Chapter 2 shloka 1 to 8 and you will hear Arjuna echo the same sentiments.

    Then see what Lord Krishna tells him in 2.11 and on...

    sri-bhagavan uvaca
    asocyan anvasocas tvam
    prajna-vadams ca bhasase
    gatasun agatasums ca
    nanusocanti panditah

    The Blessed Lord said: While speaking learned words, you are mourning for what is not worthy of grief. Those who are wise lament neither for the living nor the dead.

    na tv evaham jatu nasam
    na tvam neme janadhipah
    na caiva na bhavisyamah
    sarve vayam atah param

    Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be.

    and so the chapter if you get time...

    The point is that first of all in a Dharm Yudh we should never lament. Why didn't Lord Kirshna just tell Arjuna to spare everyone and forgive them? There is a reason...

    Ahimsa is a virtue but cowardice is not. One must stand up against those who are against Dharma and its principles.


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