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I don't really know where to post this .... but this seems like a good place to start ....

I just finished reading some back postings on 'scientific miracles and discoveries in the noble quran' and I was interested in postings from someone named 'friend' as well as a response from 'I-brian" ....

friend posted "And when the heaven split (crack) asunder and becomes ROSY LIKE RED HIDE (The Noble Quran) 55:37)" and then said that when galaxies explode they form a rose-shaped explosion and that Allah is telling us that the Universe will all turn into red exploded galaxies looking like red or reddish roses when the Day of Judgement happens. He sais that the Arabic word "wardatan" was translated as "rosy" because the word "warda" literally means "rose" or "flower" .... he says further that explosion of galaxies can not be seen with the naked eye and the Prophet Muhammed knew this 1400 years ago.

I-Brian posted that he felt this was "pushing the boundaries of literalism and schience much too far" and what we are looking at in a snapshot of supernova is a very dynamic process and are seeing a mere single photograph of a stellar explosion that goes on for centuries.

It may be interesting to some of you that a super-nova is also mentioned in the hawaiian chant of creation (not literally but symbolically) and one man uses the chant to predict earthquakes and floods .... the chant says "hanau o Pola'a" .... born is Pola'a (Pola'a is a Super Nova first seen in July 6th 1054 A.D. slightly above the star called Hecka in Taurus next to the moon during its 28th lunar phase. When the super nova first made its appearance in July of 1054 AD it looked like a glowing bright white egg up in the sky .... 3 months later on Octobet 18 the egg appeared to have broken and red light spread over the space in the sky on the sacred night of Akua (the 14th lunar phase of the moon which represents Hina the moon goddess then at 12:28 am October 19, 1054 AD a lunar eclipse takes place at the forehead of the moon. This was very significant for hawaiian astrologer priests because when the orange hue of the lunar eclipse took place the moon becomes the volcano goddess Madam Pele, or Hina-Ike-ahi the moon in flames .... Pola'a is the moa, checken or red light that is seen to come out of the egg 3 months after it was laid. The chant continus "born was the rough weather, born the current, born was the booming of the sea, the breaking of foam, born the roaring, advancing, and receeding of the waves, the rumbling sound, the eqrthquake, the sea rages, rises over the beach" there is also a prediction of the arrival of the next great wave or flood .... it even has a name already Kai-a-ka-hulumanu which means sea of the bird feathers ....

It is also said that the native americans have a petroglyph of this event in Chaco Canyon in New Mexico .... this heavenly event was to mark the end of the massive rain falls that supported the rich crops and the population growth in Chaco Canyo followed by a reversal of 30 years of drought and a crash in the population and the beginning of the end for the 'ancient ones' who lived there.

here is another reference from a site called 'hidden meanings' run by a man named Bill Donahue who looks at the inner meanings in biblical works .... he says "there is an organ in the brain called fornix .... it means furnace, vaulted furnace .... it is connected to the fire of the brain, the pineal gland, by what is called stria pinealis .... straight line to the pineal .... the medical term for fornix is delta fornicis, it has a delta shape, shaped like a triangle with a point looking upward. here is a constellation in the cosmos called Fornax ... it means furnace .... it lies on a direct line from the path of Supernova 1987a the place of the fire. The brightest star in Fornax is called Delta Fornax .. the triangle .... if Delta Fornicis in the human brain is a triangle looking up and Delta Fornax in the sky is a triangle looking down, what happens when we bring the two together .... is it the star of David .... " he has a whole piece on supernovas and what it means to have their energy reach the earth ....

he has a picture at his site of the "eye of the hour glass nebula" which is probably the same picture from the one posted at this site "the cat's eye nebula" .... that is called Supernova 1987a..

there is an Apache native american prophecy called "red sky prophecy - night of the red sky" and an Apachew wise man simply called 'grandfather' said "if a man could make the right choices, then he could significantly alter the course of the possible future... no man should feel insignificant, for it only takes one man to alter the consciousness of mankind through the spirit-that-moves-in-all things. On the third of four signs the vision came that the sky suddenly turned back to a liquid and then turned blood red .... as far as his eyes could see, the sky was solid red, with no variation in shadow, texture, or light .... everywhere was heard the cries of fear and pain .... when I read the details of this prophecy I could see connections to the Hawaiian chant and the red sky at the time of the Supernova ....

so we have several interpretations .... those of the outer supernova and those of the inner aspects of this sign our own brains connected with the universal thought .... telling us that we have the ability to change our course ... it is said that our salvation will come through the tribes that remember their heritage and the ways of the ancients .... the ancient path of wisdom and knowledge .... doesn't mean that we don't move ahead in this world, but we must remember who we were to know who we are .... the path of the red rose, the red road, the bloodline, the red line are all the same path .... different symbols, same path .... at least that is how I see it .... he hawai'i au, pohaikawahine
That is an interesting point - especially that the stars breaking could be seen as a red light in the constellations.

I think I'll move this to "Belief and Spirituality" though as we're still very much referencing theological rather than secular though, but no problem with that.