Names of the Devil


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- Devil: from the Greek "Diabolos" = opponent (free translation from "satan")
- Satan: Hebrew for "accuser" (Job 1.6): the angels defend men, satan accuses them.
- Angri Mainyu: opponent of Spenta Mainyu in zoroastrism, cfr: devil vs. Holy Spirit
- Beelzebub: Baäl-Zebub = "Lord of the flies". Kanaanite god.
- Demon: "spirit", originally neutral term, servant of the devil who tries to possess men.
- Fallen angel: Angel who fell in love (literally) with the daughters of men. He came down in the form of a comet (=falling star). He had sex with our women and he taught men how to use wapons. This led to the flud.
- Lucifer: in Milton's "Paradise lost" the original name of satan before he became the fallen angel.
- Jezebel: woman who worshipped Baäl (2Kings 9.30)
- Mephistofeles: messenger who seduces Faust to sell his soul to the devil (Goethe)
- Leviathan / Rahab: sea monsters from Mesopotamian mythology
- Samael = angel of death, prince of darkness
- Antichrist = opponent of Christ, possibly emperor Nero
son of perdition.

is Beetlejuice one? or is that someone else.:D
I think Lucifer means Morning Star, could be wrong but good list here:) !
Lucifer in Latin means light bearing. It was a name also given to the planet Venus. In the Latin Vulgate it was used as a translation of the Hebrew epithet meaning "Day Star" in the book of Isaiah.

In traditional Christianity Lucifer is the leader of the angels who was cast from heaven into hell for rebelling against God. The name Lucifer refers to his former splendor as the greatest of angels.
The name "light bearer" probably refers to the idea of the fallen angel: an angel coming down to earth, sitting on a falling star. The angels looked down to the earth and fell in love with the daughters of men, so they descended. They are the Nephilim race in Genesis. They also taught men how to use weapons.
some more names;

"Prince of Darkness"
"Azazel" - sometimes said to be a arch-demon not Satan himself.
"The Fallen One"
"The Adversary" - (Jewish)

some Islamic names for Satan are "Shaytaan", "Iblis", "The Deciever", name for Anti-Christ is "Dajjal"
This is my theory: God created the twin angels, who received the special gift of a free will, which made them something inbetween a god and an angel. One chose to serve Good, the other chose to serve Evil. They are the Holy Spirit and Satan.
The Holy Spirit created the arch-angels, Satan created the arch-demons. Satan and his arch-demons became the fallen angels, when they took the shape of a falling star.
I think Lucifer means Morning Star, could be wrong but good list here:) !

No it is Latin, 'Bringer of light.' It is also my sons name.....

son of perdition.

is Beetlejuice one? or is that someone else.:D

lol now you're thinking of a movie...


Another name for the devil... 17th... Me my name can be the devil, Bandit can be the name of the devil, Stevemb88 can be the name of the devil.. your mind is what "makes" the devil... Man alone creates evil deeds :p
"How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, who didst rise in the morning? how art thou fallen to the earth, that didst wound the nations?"
Isiaiah 14:12

This is the Lucifer of Scripture, the prophet was addressing the King of Babylon for his pride.

I Think Moslem tradition holds that Lucifer was an angel who, when shown that mudborn creature called man, the pinnacle of God's creation, refused to acknowledge him, and was cast out of heaven as a result – pride again.


Hi queenofsheba -

An intersting idea, but not one a Catholic can hold, as this demotes the Third Person of the Trinity to the angelic order.

In the Christian tradition Lucifer is opposed by St Michael, and tradition teaches that Lucifer was, like St Michael, an archangel.


I was always told that Lucifer was a mistranslation from a Roman text and that it was describing a fallen King of Babylon, as Thomas says.
Found out today that the nickname for the Devil - "Old Match" came from matches originally being called Lucifers.