Excuse me!!



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as a big fan of islam

i have to say:

there is no coercion in religion
- Qur'an, Al-Baqara, verse 256.

some say this only applies to the "people of the book" (ahl al-kitab) however there's another important verse (can't find the reference right now) which says "if I (meaning G!D) had wanted you all to be the same, I would have made you that way in the first place".

i'm not sure this is what "yess" is saying, though. deary me.


Here we go again?

Just when you thought you could find a thought provoking place to learn and exchange ideas you are forced to move on.Peace,love,and understanding is that what follows Islam every where it goes?
It's simply a shame that Ali and Omar are not posting at the moment - I'm sure we could get some interesting dialogue if they did.