Eastern wholeness thought and Unity of four kinds of force


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In physics ,there are four kinds of force and four kinds of state space-time:bond force and 3-dimensional space-time,strong interaction exchanging pi-mesons and 2-dimensional spece-time,quark confinement and 1-dimensional space-time and weak interaction and 0-dimensional spece-time.In Einstein's relativity,when L is eqeal to zreo, relativity has 2 dimensions of width and hight.So,relativity is 2-dimensional state space-time.
According to eastern wholeness thought,four kinds of force exist simulateneously in the universe.Four kinds of force autoatically combine to form life bodies.(from Unity of physics and biology)
Not sure which text books you're reading, but so far as I recall, the four basic forces of the universe are:

1. Strong nuclear force
2. Weak nuclear force
3. Electromagnetism
4. Gravity

Also, I don't believe that these forces relate directly with space-time other than gravity.

The ancient Greeks believed in a medicinal system of "four humours" - blood, mucus, black bile, yellow bile - but I think it would be a stretch to equate these with the four fundamental forces of the universe as well.
Strong interaction exchanging pi-mesons is fully different from quark confoinment.Electromagnetic force is mixed force
Isn't the Strong Nuclear force what keeps Quarks together in mesons and hadrons, with the Weak Nuclear force as what prevents those mesons and hadrons blowing themselves apart from one another in the atom?
Ther are five kinds of force in physics:bond force being cubic,strong interaction being plane,quark confinement being linear ,weak interaction being screw or point and mixed force:electromagnetic interaction.In biology,there are five kinds of organism macromolecules:protein being cubic,saccharide being plane or ring,lipid being linear,DNA and RNA being screw or point,mixed molecules containing lipoprotein,glycoprotein,glycolipid and so on.(from Origin og the universe and life)
Nope - you're reading a different physics book than me. :)

You're welcome to assign your own categorisations of the laws of physics, but as you specifically asked about them, I have to relate that your position does seem confused in relation to the actual laws of physics as they are understood. :)

Anyway, moving this to the Science section.
I have some idea about what I, Brian is saying but I have not a clue what tianman32 is saying lol. I must admit tianman32 went well above my head. Know any good books for physics and mathematics?
I'm currently reading a book, Warped Passages... by Lisa Randall. I highly recommend it as it takes the reader from the fundamentals of physics over the centuries to current theories of quantum gravity and string universes. AND she's a Harvard professor and beautiful to boot.

The Standard Model describes the strong, weak, and electromagnetic interactions in a single theory.

The odd force out is gravity.

All of these theories are 4-dimensional (3 space dimensions plus time.)