Tension in the Baha'i Faith: Part 2

Ron Price

Mr RonPrice
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George Town Tasmania Australia
There has been a tension in the Baha'i Faith for over 140 years. Tension is as much a part of religion and politics as apple-pie is part of American culture. There has been tension in all of the great religions since Adam ate the proverbial apple. There is a tension in marriages, in sport teams, in violin strings and, I might add, all the atoms of the universe. I shall say no more about this normal part of life.-Ron Price, Tasmania.:eek:
How very apt!. No tension in the string - no beautiful music. Abdu'l Baha says that the clash of opinion and idea produce sparks to light the way to truth.

It is only when one attempts to force other Baha`i's to adhere to personal interpretation of the text that destructive tension occurs.

Here's to all the beautiful music to come! Here's to the light that illumines our way!

Only when those who say they are believers clamor to have the FAITH change to match their expectations does one risk membership in the cause. Once the faith adapts itself to allow an individual believer without authority to say what the Baha`i Faith is or is not will the cause be dimmed.

That's why the Administrative Order is so efficient. Interpret how you will, but do not demand that I accept your interpretation as authoritative.

Regards and Allauh-abha,