Some questions regarding shariah and the State


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Hello to all.

I have some questions regarding shariah and what it would look like in an ideal world. I hope some of you may be able to help me.

I understand that, in an ideal Islamic country, it would fall to the government (and ultimately the police) to implement and enforce various Qur'anic rulings. There are certain things that are haraam (forbidden) in Islam and so presumably these things would be against the law. Am I correct so far?

In particular, I was wondering about the prohibition against adultery. I understand that this is very clearly forbidden in Islam (as well as in most other religions). I know that some countries eg Nigeria, Iran have sentenced people to stoning for the crime of adultery but these countries are considered to be incorrect in choosing this punishment (at least, according to most Islamic scholars).

So I wanted to ask muslims on here, what is, in your view, the correct punishment for adultery if not stoning (assuming that the adultery has been proven beyond all doubt)? Is it up to the state apparatus to track down the perpetrators and implement this punishment?

Also I have often heard muslims say that no true Islamic state exists in the world today. Which country (either currently existing or in the recent past), in your view, most closely resembles the true Islamic state? Would it be something like Saudi Arabia but without the royal family - who are, I know, very corrupt and unpopular. If you think Saudi is currently the closest then how would the true Islamic state differ from current Saudi Arabia (assuming we got rid of all the royal family)? Leaving aside issues involving the royal family (because we all accept that they would be gone) what laws that are currently in place in Saudi would have to be changed?

Would it be true to say that, in an ideal world, the whole Islamic world would be united under one leader (Caliph)? If the whole Islamic world was united under one leader, how would this work? Would the Caliph be a dictator of some kind with unlimited power? Would he be elected? Is the restoration of the Caliphate essential to the founding of the true Islamic state ie a pre-requisite? Would this Caliphate look a bit like the state you picked in answer to my earlier question about which state currently most resembles the "perfect Islamic state" (maybe Saudi without the royals)?

I'm particularly interested in your answers to my question about the correct punishment for adultery (assuming it's proven) but feel free to answer any and all of my other questions though.

Thank you, in advance, for any responses.

Well the shariah these days isint followed in every arabic country these days , so if somone did that crime then it depends on the law that man is living in , so i say it depends on the law the guy is in , same thing with homosexuals , there everywher , yet the laws of some countries dont say kill them , you have to leave it as a sidizen to the law.