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Discussion in 'Site News' started by iBrian, Sep 15, 2003.

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    Jul 15, 2003
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    I had earmarked today for making significant changes to the board structure - but other important issues relating this this forum kept me distracted this morning for far too long.

    I've got a busy few days ahead, but I do hope to implement them before the end of the coming weekend.

    I also intend to change the template, to make it easier to navigate, as requested, and also eliminate some browser compatability issues.

    The current structure will likely be something on the following lines, which is not yet finalised, and open for dicussion:

    Site Announcements

    The calm away from social categories:

    General chat
    New? Introduce yourself!

    Specific issues away from main religious belief

    Politics and Society
    Current affairs, political and social theory
    Science and Nature
    The physics of existence and the biology of our world
    Philosophy and Metaphysics
    Atheism, Agnosticism, the enlightenment, secular thinking

    Areas for discussing specific aspects of religious thought

    Spiritual beliefs
    General thinking beyond the boundaries of religion

    Judaic thought, issues and the Torah (Old Testament)
    The New Testament , Christian issues and history
    Islamic thought and the Koran

    Eastern Thought
    Hinduism, Confucianism, Tao, and others
    Buddhist thought, writings and practices

    Modern Spiritual belief away from traditional systems

    General issues of Neopaganism

    Witchcraft and Wicca
    The Craft beyond Gardner

    New Age
    Eclectic beliefs

    Ancient World
    Mythology and cultures of past civilisations

    Comparative Religion
    Critical and comparative thinking on religious beliefs

    The idea is that the sections relating to specific areas will be "safe" areas for those who wish to openly discuss relevant issues, without being taken uncomfortably to task.

    The new "Comparative Religion" board will be for the specific examination of various religious and spiritual beliefs, that may or may not have a wider context either within a single religion, or across many.

    I am aware that certain boundaries may or may not produce effects impractical to some degree - for example, separating discussion of the Bible into separate forums, according to the Mosaic or New Covenent.

    Whatever arrangements I bring in over the coming week, I am quite sure that it will in no way represent any form of finality with regards to the structure of this forum. This is a fluid place and will be shaped as much by its content as its aims.


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