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Hi Everyone, and Peace to All:)

Don't get much time on here at all these days; Looks like some pretty profound discussions going on--wish I could chime in. No word on any of the family members, yet--and, me being where I am, we should have heard something by now (Katrina). Of course, I ask for your prayers in this area.

On a brighter "note", I find myself in co-charge of a children's Christmas program. In fact, I find myself writing the script, and working with the song suggestions of the Children's Ministry leaders. I also find myself in the position of being able to purchase things like handbells and rhythm sets, and I have been loving it. Now I need to make costume suggestions: Dig this--I have a piano player, a guitar player, and a "recorder genius"--ages 8 through 14--I am planning on dressing them in white tees and jeans, and simple wings, and maybe a beret or two--they will be my angelic jazz musicians.

The rest of the kids (ages 4 and up) are, of course, Mary and Joseph, sheep and shepherds and wise men, and angels who announce the Good News. (Complete with handbells, drums, hand motions, singing, and just about everything you can imagine.

It isn't like I haven't done children's programs before, but I really believe this is going to be something very special and inspirational this year, and I do ask for your prayers here on the Christian board.

Please lift us up--these kids are truly in need of an opportunity like this. So is the community.

Best wishes, and hope the kids have a great time. :)

Otherwise if you don't tire the kids out, they'll tire you... :)
so you are basically doing it all right now.

you are in my prayers.
Hi InLove,

I will keep you in my prayers. :)

Be sure to take care of yourself and your health through busy times. :)

Hi guys--thanks for the encouragement! I was really thinking that I was too tired to check out my favorite site tonight, but, well, you know--it is my favorite site:) .

Glad I did--I believe I truly have some "buds" here, even though I have never spoken face-to-face with any of you. I miss the old days (what--about a month ago?):D when I was on and off here so much and even lurking around.

Just gotta say--hey, Jon Marc! Glad to hear from you. I had been wondering if you were still around. (Forgive me--I have probably missed some of your posts).

Thanks, guys--and if any of you have anything to tell about Christmas programs or even handling Halloween, anything...I'd love to hear what everyone is up to.

I'll try and keep y'all posted--tomorrow morning I get to walk into Children's church with all these great instruments I have been promising the kids. I know they are going to go nuts, and they will get in trouble for that (not by me--LOL--not my job, man). After that, we will have some slightly organized fun.:)

Love Y'all
for christmas play, start no later than June.

for halloween, ummm we have a thread going on that, but it can wait til later.

for you, still upholding you & the family in prayer & the love of Christ .

have fun teaching the kids, they wont forget you:)
Hey Bandit--post me a link to that conversation, will ya? I'm not being lazy (well maybe a little), but I just don't have many quality blocks of time at the moment....

By the way, it really went beautifully well this morning--I could gush and go on a bunch about how the kids did with the bells...but I won't;).

(But it was great--makes me want to get up on my only day off and do something....:) )

it is here:

i am not going to kick it up for a week or two, but wanted to see how others liked it or not, so i guess you could do the poll if you want to.

I know the long hours directors put into plays & cantatas & that is a dedication not everyone has, especially with the children. I have played instruments in several cantatas & it is time consuming, but so much fun to make it a success.
howdy in love! i think you definitely have some buds around here. although, in your defense, i don't think you missed any of my posts, as i haven't been around for quite some time now. i've been rather busy lately with work and preparations for a huge transition in my life as i leave spain and the navy to go work in japan. things will probably be quite hectic for the next few months as i get everything sorted and get adjusted to the new life (i will be bouncing around from tokyo to london to new york every couple of weeks.) should be fun!
btw i remember when we got bells at our church when i was a kid... hah! fun times.
Hi InLove! Hope it's been going well - it sounds like it could be either an absolute blast or majorly ulcer-causing. I will certainly keep you and the production in my prayers - keep us posted on the progress!
Hi Y'all--Peace--

I have tried three times to post an email message I recieved from my daughter this morning, but for some reason, it just won't work. So I will just tell you that she and my grandson are still right outside of Houston this morning, and it looks as if they will not be able to get out before the storm hits, as there is no gas to be found. They live in a mobile home, so they are trying to find more stable lodging with friends somewhere. I guess they are going to have to stay. Please hold them and everyone in the path of Rita up in prayer...

It looks as if Rita may have turned a bit, perhaps relieving some of the stress in the Houston area, but creating more for other areas. Anyway, I am trying to find out if my daughter and grandson might be able to find public transportation out of the area--I cannot get in touch with her at the moment, so I don't know if she is aware of this possible option.

Thanks for the emails, guys--and the prayers.