Four kinds of state in Buddhism


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In physics,there are four kinds of state:bond and 3-dimensional state,strong interaction and 2-dimesional state,quark confinement and 1-dimensional state,weak interaction and 0-dimensional state.
Four kinds of state of society:stiff state and primitive,slave and feudalistic society,dynamic society and captilism,whole society happening and cosmic age.
Book of Changes has four kinds of state:TAIJI being 0-dimensional state,2 YI being 1-dimensional state,4 XIANG being 2-dimensional state and 8 GUA being 3-dimensional state.
Buddhism has four kinds of state.Yujie(in Chinese) is 3-dimensional state.Sejie is 2-dimensional state.Wusejie is 1-dimensional state.Foguojingjie is 0-dimensional state.
I see the parallel of the four states between the areas you've listed, but the 'dimensional' properties? I've personally read the Book of Changes, and I can't recall any direct mention of dimensions.
As for the four states of Buddhism, I am familiar with them as: "ji", "ri", "ri ji muge", "ji ji muge". In what way do you see these as expressing dimension? I mean, these aren't necessarily physical states, so to boil them down to dimensions isn't really all that accurate.
The four states of society...I don't know. I mean, thats a pretty general grouping.

I mean, don't get me wrong, it just seems like you're reaching here. These could all very well be spurious correlations.
Tianman32 hi.

It is something I always do – to make connections and parallels, finding patterns amongst things. They may not be exact, but its not the content that matters, it is what lies behind it! If all things are extrapolated from one, then there is a ‘way’ in which this happens – what I call ‘universal synchronicity’ it is why there are such connections and what joins the elements and aspects involved in coincidence.

Keep reaching – you’ll make a druid yet. :p