What is the Religious Right?




What is the Religious Right? Is it mainly an American movement? Opposers say it is a plight to take over the world in the name of Jesus. Is there anyone who can go in depth?
It varies according to who you talk to...it is mostly a news media catch all word. Today you can't tell the dempublicans from the republicrats, conservative and liberal are catch phrases.

It is all a way to put people in a box and be judgemental...to be in or out of the right clique.

Basically the religious right is percieved as a box inside the conservative republican box...pushing votes and dogma from the pulpit...

Now if I were a card carrying member, I might put it differently.

of course this my opinion
Thanks, Wil. That makes good sense. I was looking at a website "People for the American Way" and it certainly does seem clique oriented. One black church leader who is totally trashing blacks and all of his white political back-ups were there cheering him on. 'Right-Wing' Stuff. Whatever.
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