An out law faces The Day of Judgment


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“Oh, you wake up. Don’t you see this is the court? We all are here to appear before the almighty lord. Haven’t you got any company? Look, we are in millions, billions. No, you can not count.”

“He isn’t from us also. He is definitely lost. Perhaps he is not from a big company and minors are standing behind. Go and join, weak are on the back. You may find your fellows there.”

“He seems quite unconcerned neither sad nor glad. Perhaps he is stunned as he sees big companies around.”

“Look, none allow him to join and he is also not struggling to mix up. Pooh, the lonely lazy person.”

“Look, the ministers appear. Others have secured their place on the front, you save your side. Oh, first of all they happen to meet him, the lonely one. He is caught up.”

“Your majesties, he is neither from us nor from any other big company. We said big prayers, held big ceremonies and made big investments to please our God. Look we are big. ”

“Not you but we have been performing much better than you. We killed others and lost our lives to establish the God’s command. Our holies and our laws are also the best ever given by the God to humanity. The God definitely prefers us.”

“You are not right and you shall see that we will definitely be awarded the first position though you and others might be given subsequent.”

“We are the big groups and real contesters. Let this person be damned first and he is wasting our time.”

“Your majesties, none of us own him. He is just an out law, undisciplined person with no rule, no leader, no ceremonies, no authentic prayers, and no certified manners. He is absolutely uncertified.”

“Yes majesties, he is just no, totally worthless and inconsiderable. None of us has any recommendations for him.”

“Yes ministers, they are right to say that I am an out law. They have been pulling me to join any group but I did not. Will you tell me which scale I was to use to measure the authenticity of their claims, as each group big and small claimed to be sole representative of the God?”

“Majesties, ask him if any thing to present has. He seems to be empty handed.”

“I used to pray my Lord in my heart, sometimes silently and sometimes in my words. Had I to learn special words and special language? I asked his favors very humbly, very sincerely, spontaneously as came to my mind, not observing the sacred manners, uttering sacred words or observing sacred timings in sacred places. Among many faults I committed, there lies some sincerity in my heart. It might be hidden in my mistakes but I am sure it is there. I want to present it to my Lord. It might be acceptable to him.”

“Oh, no. your majesties just get rid of him. He is creating nuisance and very important groups like us are anxiously waiting for their rewards. He is a declared heathen so no need of any jury. Just push him to hell. How can he have any claim for heaven with absolutely no performance?”

“Alright, clear the way and let me proceed to hell. I believe that my Lord is the Merciful and He will be giving me less punishment than I deserve; thanks my Lord.”

“Look, how willingly and patiently he walks to hell. He surely doesn’t know what hell means. He never learned such matters; poor ignorant.”

“My Lord, I have been bearing their taunts in my previous life and they ridicule me even now. I beg your mercy but I never accepted and shall never accept any intervener between you and me. Just let me know that you want me to be in hell and I shall refute all desires of heaven. Bless my heart to say you, “The Merciful” where ever I lay.”

“Who is it? Who invokes my mercy in such a pathetic tone? Stop him and bring him to me. If he approaches, all these claimants of heaven will be thrown into hell before he peeps in.”

“I am your Lord. I am the Merciful. I have seen your sincerity and nothing remains hidden from me. Today is the Day of Judgment and only sincerity will be valued this day and not numbers or manners of prayers. Every body is personally accountable and no recommendations are acceptable but only the sincerity. No group matters. I blessed every human with human values and every human will be responsible. Why did not they act upon it? Why obeyed devils? Why not followed the human nature which was engraved in every heart?”

“Sincerity, Sincerity! only Sincerity! Have you any? Have you any? Have you any? Let us search in our hearts. Oh, no one can give it to any one else.”

“I am the Lord of humans and of every human. Bring proud who claimed to be interveners between me and my humans, and ask them about the authority they had. They would be damned first of all. No one lies between me and a sincere human soul.”

“Lord, give them severe punishment. They mislead many and claimed that they would surely lead us to heaven. They also claimed to be your agents.”

“Yes Lord, they deserve much severe sentence. We were ordinary and they deceived us. Now they are denying any leadership.”
Be aware, an out law is at large,

Though not a bad mannered, though not a looter,

Though not a wicked,Though not a killer,

Yet he is a treacherous, Yet he is a swindler,

He may bereft you of the most precious holding,

Your religious complacency, your holy belonging,

Be aware of him, as he is a devil daring,

As he might be finished by the brave persons,

And they take themselves guards of heavens,

He says would not accept any born seniority,

By any one who so ever might be authority,

He says would the God damn other's childern?,

As when or where to born may not be their concern,

He says would take to task some or all,

Would face each community big or small.

He says that all holy laws as man made,

Which inequalize the humans on any base,

How religions can survive if all are equal,

Be aware as he is a threat to their survival.