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can anyone tell me how to import a picture to my posting .... thanks so much, pohaikawahine
Click on the "Manage Attachments" button located under the "Additional Options" heading located below the "Submit reply" button.
Hopefully that will help, but let me know if you have any problems with it. :)
I still can't attach or copy the picture .... I'Brian .... can you send me your e-mail address and I can send it to you as an attachment then you can post it for me .... or any other alternative that you can think of .... I wanted to post this picture of the hawaiian cross under the thread on the Zohar .... mahalo nui, poh
mahalo nui brian - I sent it and I don't know how to make it smaller .... got to work on getting better at this computer stuff .... I want to post a smaller copy of it on the thread under Judiasm on The Zohar .... I was going to show how similar it is to the Tree of Life ....this is what drew me to the Zohar in the first place, the similarity of the two crosses even though the Hawaiian one is different .... it is related to the Solar Dieties .... thanks for your help, pohaikawahine
mahalo I-brian .... and I'm sure I have a picture somewhere, I'll find one and send it .... aloha nui, poh