Al Gore's Speech 1/16/06


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On January 16, 2006, Al Gore delivered an important speech detailing the executive and constitutional abuses perpetrated by the Bush administration. It's a long, valuable document that should be given some attention by every American. You can read the text of the speech by clicking here.
The US system of government has been systematically brought to pieces by itself...

The founders envisioned a system of checks and balances by three entities.

However the executive branch found that it could pass laws, they call them executive orders, many of them secret...and they without congress create law instantly.

The Judicial branch found that they could subvert laws...created case law, ie whatever the judiciary decides in a previous case is now law and can be cited in the next case.

And congress has determined they can completely ignore the constitution and thier bounds regarding freedoms, bill of rights, and state's rights v. federal pass whatever we want it is upto the executive branch to sign it, we can blame him, and the judiciary to either hold up, or toss out in court...not our problem.

To that end the lobbyists and special interests have been writing laws for years, no congressman or senator writes these laws and no one person can read all these laws....they are to voluminous, so they have staffs (which are often more easily lobbied than the elected official) which read PORTIONS and recommend a aye or nay vote...

Is anything Bush is doing new? Hardly. Does that give him a free pass? No. We need to get back to the system that was intended...take big business and bankers out of it.. If it starts with him and his cronies so be it....but let the axe swing where it may...both parties have their hands deep in this cookie jar.