Give and take of sins


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I think that religions include many absurdities which faith in the God may not concede with being irrational and unreasonable. I know about Christian, Muslim, Jewish faith having such believes that one or more holy personalities will take their sins making them eligible for an entry into heaven. They also claim that concerned personalities will recommend their so called group and their recommendation will definitely be accepted by the God or the God have to accept. Hindus believe that their sins can be washed away by bathing in holy waters of river Ganges. I am not sure but I think there is such a case with other religions such as Buddhists etc. I know about belief of some religions including Muslim’s and perhaps Christians giving of prayers/blessings to some body else living or dead to be added in his/her account.

Are sins a commodity and if so how big a sin is? Is not every person himself/herself responsible for his/her actions? If sins are to be taken by others why fear the God and why ask for His forgiveness?

How much sins will be taken by concerned personalities or washed in water and how much left? If all sins are to be taken then why should cruel or wicked fear damnation?

Will the concerned personalities be not committing injustice for recommending heaven for their concerned group as a whole including bad or very bad, and depriving others from their due merit? Will not many or some humans of those so called damned communities will be better humans than that so called blessed?

Who of these personalities is entitled or not entitled as every group rejects claims of all others? If a human did/does not happen to be aware of those entitled personality/personalities, or of washing powers of holy waters; then why he/she would be damned for no fault of his/her own? Is this not an injustice by the God?

Some religions believe that a human baby is born with sins. Is not such a God an unjust one who holds an infant born sinful and he/she has not yet attain age of sensibility to discern between good and bad?

I think that a baby is born on good human nature or you can say in the God’s image and by nature is inclined to have a faith in the God, if not mislead by his/her elders or entangled in selfish pride on bases of religion, race, nation etc. Don’t you see that almost all nations happened to have a faith in an unseen power?

My friends please do not avoid my questions. I am a seeker and want to know truth and reality. I request you to please enlighten me. I know you can answer and you are well educated wise persons. I assure you that I shall take your advice sincerely.
I think if such questions are not properly answered, people will grow indifferent towards religions, though apparently will be among their concerned communities especially in civilized nations.

My mystical poet says, “Oh God, if you do justice people of high honor (much faithful) shiver and tremble; if you do mercy black faced (sinful) people like me would be forgiven.”
As a Buddhist, I can say that there is no way of washing away one's Karma. The evil deeds I commit today will come back to me, maybe tomorrow, maybe in 10 lifetimes, but I cannot escape from them.

I was raised a Catholic and I must say that the concept of original sin always puzzled me. How could I, a child, be guilty of a sin committed by a man named Adam several thousand years ago who (given the unlikelyhood of creationism) probably never even existed?

On the other hand, I have always liked the Christian idea that no matter what a man may have done wrong, if he is truly sorry, God will forgive him. This is a very comforting idea, but as you say, Akbar, it is hardly fair on the people who were good throughout their lives.

I too am curious to hear how other religions approach this subject, I look foreward to following this thread closely.
"I too am curious to hear how other religions approach this subject, I look foreward to following this thread closely."

If you have time please read my previous posts also. I have a strong faith in the God and follow no religion.
I would be sending more. Please let me know about your remarks about what ever I write. I am an ordinory human and am not free from faults or mistakes.