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Hello, My Friends--Peace To All Here:)

I have to make this post fairly brief, for reasons that will become clear as I write. There is a big reason that I have not been posting or reading as much as usual in the past few weeks. I have been debating with myself since before Christmas whether to say anything at all, and I finally decided that there were more pros than cons in the telling, so here I am. (And thanks to that one person besides J.H. who knew any details at all and lifted my spirits--you know who you are, dear one!).

In December, I was diagnosed with a fairly rare form of cancer, and I am about halfway through the first cycles (hopefully the last) of treatment. I have a few more weeks to go before we can tell how successful these treatments (both traditional and brand-new technology, combined with homeo-and naturopathic approaches). I don't desire to go into details--couldn't if I wanted to because the medications and perhaps the disease itself has made it very difficult for me to read and write for very long at a time (big disappointment to me, by the way--thought this might be a chance to catch up on some of that!:rolleyes: Oh well--we will just need to compensate by "thinking" more, huh?:).)

Anyway, I stopped by here to say this so that in case I have overlooked posting any important responses on other threads, my buds here in CR will hopefully understand why. I hate to leave good questions and issues unanswered, and I really try hard not to be rude--haha--although I often suspect that I have a rather strange sense of humor, and so sometimes I appear that way! Sorry--forgive me?

I also stopped by to ask my CR friends to lift J. H. and me up during this time. If things continue as they are, I will be here less and less during the coming weeks. And I will be missing it. Hopefully, I will be able to post a word or two every now and then, but as some of you know, I have promised to attempt to address some pretty important issues down the line--those plans have just been interrupted for a while.

I just wanted you to know that I have not lost interest nor forgotten this place. And I am confident in a complete healing.

Love You All,
Hey best of luck, InLove - and keep smiling. :)
You and your family are in my prayers. Please keep us posted as you feel comfortable doing. Doubly hard that you find it most difficult to do the things you find most comforting and inspiring as you go through the treatments and recovery.


PS--You should not worry about those 'obligations' you feel to respond to heavy threads. Please don't let it keep you away. Pop in and just say hi and discuss light things (like cookies!) with no guilt, even should you never wish to return to those more challenging threads.
Kindest Regards, InLove!

Get well soon, you will be missed while away. You and yours are in my prayers. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Hope to see you soon.
InLove said:
In December, I was diagnosed with a fairly rare form of cancer, and I am about halfway through the first cycles (hopefully the last) of treatment. I have a few more weeks to go before we can tell how successful these treatments (both traditional and brand-new technology, combined with homeo-and naturopathic approaches).


I am confident in a complete healing.

Love You All,

InLove, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers--lifting you up for a speedy recovery. May your confidence carry you through to healthier days very soon! :)
*a sleek black beauty [aka :kitty:] enters InLove's room, a photo ID attached to his collar. InLove takes a look at it, then :eek: at the words she reads: Shadow Nightstalker, Therapy Cat. The :kitty: "pulls out" his credentials, including his licensing as a therapy :kitty: from seven states, including Texas.

*Shadow Nightstalker goes to work on InLove and Jack Halyard, using everything he learned in Therapy Animal training to take their minds off of everything InLove's going through. The :kitty: stays, pretty much moving into his new territory/assignment, only leaving to be discreet with the one thing he won't share with his assignments*

InLove, there're so many things, both :kitty: and cooking, that we "need" to keep chatting about (besides, I was one of the people who helped my mother through much of both of her cancer treatments, including initial diagnoses.) You might also want to read some of the writings by Erma Bombeck, a cancer survivor herself. :)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
you are brave InLove. sending peace & my prayers for you & yours.
I just had a moment, InLove, and glad I caught this. You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts. May God give you His comfort.
Thank you all so very much for your thoughts and prayers. They mean a great deal to me, and I believe in the power that flows from them.

I'll stop by again as soon as I can.


My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. May God grant you strength and encouragement during this difficult time. May He heal you body and soul, but more importantly may He glorify Himself through your life and your testamony.

Isaiah 53:5 But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.
Believe it and own it dear sister.

Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.'

This one has helped me a lot with tragedy.. I hope you can find comfort in it as well..

Lifting you up in prayer.

Hey InLove,

You oughta be coming back soon, refreshed and uplifted as so many of us has come together in the power of Love in prayer. God lives profoundly in you - certainly His Will be done. Bask in love, InLove.:)
Hi--Peace to All Here:)

Thank you so much, everyone, again--what beautiful words you have given me to dwell on. I wonder if you know just how much they mean to me?

I have really enjoyed the past few days, being able to post again and make any kind of sense at all (of course, that is debatable--but then almost everything in CR is such, right?:) ). I still love this place!

I have had some private inquiries recently, and I have also neglected to answer some from way back. I do apologize, but all the meds made it real easy to overlook some things. Bringing this thread back up so that if I have missed answering anything about my health, it can be read here. I appreciate all the concern, and I am so grateful that it was o.k. that I brought it up here in the first place. I guess I know you, even though I don't know you? Sometimes it is easier to express thoughts and receive them in a setting like this, and sometimes I think I know some of you better than some of the people I see all the time. Okay--did that make sense?:confused:

Anyway, so you know (and so you can please continue to lift us up), all the chemo and radiation treatments have been over for a few weeks, and now the time has come for surgery. I do not yet know how extensive that surgery will be, but I don't think it is going to be minor--I am scheduled to be in the hospital for a few days next week.

Don't know just how much I will be posting before then (as this is a sweet addiction for me), but I am trying to concentrate on getting things ready around my home for some recovery time. Got to use that precious energy for this purpose right now. So, just in case I am outta here again for a while, don't forget me--when I come back, I expect to be intrigued all over again, alright? Okay:D.

Follow the light, even when it means greeting the darkness--love all around.

Hi, Peace to All Here—:)

Time to update this thread for my CR friends who don’t yet know, as well as to sort of “wrap things up” for future reference. I am overjoyed (as well as a bit cautious) when I tell you that my cancer is officially in remission. :) Once again, I thank every one of you who held me in your thoughts and prayers in your own various ways. I still have a few more weeks of recovery from surgery and all the treatments, but I am so looking forward to feeling better real soon—and just remembering to treasure every moment, even now.

I also want to extend an invitation to anyone here who may be going through a similar situation—I am here if you need to talk, or if you are looking for information about certain cancer treatment programs. I learned a lot about how to get help during this relatively short period of time since last December, and since my cancer was a pretty rare form, I learned something about the availability and feasability of clinical trials. Not that I am any kind of doctor or expert by any means—just that I might be able to point someone toward a useful resource. Anyway, I wanted to offer that (and somewhere in the annals of North Texas medicine, I am there, under “Anonymous”!):) Just one thing—give me a couple of days to clear my private messages, as they are getting full again. I can’t stand to just trash them because there are so many lovely ones.

So slowly but surely, I get to return to whatever “normal” might be for me! Hope to be here more and more—and I need to get on with those writings I was about to start before all this happened. See y’all around the boards! (Yay!):)