you said the nature made you??!!

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jeddah in saudi arabia
ok if that what you think.....
think whit me

1- why shall the nature gave you a brain?? and she also made animal without brain??
2- why we control the world ,not the animal control us???
3- why every thing in world made to your comfort ( animal to your food, tree for your bulid and fire) ??
4- if all that made for you, you made for how??
5- why you have good and bad choices in life to exam you ??
6- do you believe your life just for time ,which you weast it until die to ur comfort and to ur reast without thanks for all that or to even have a mission??
i think every one doset believe in god
also dosent deserve to live??

I will tell you a real story happen here in my country:)

there is a man came to one of our Islamic gaffer and he asked 3 question, that no

one from world scientist could answer it:

he said:

“ 1- you people believe in god ,but where is he,

how you believe in something you can’t see it?

2- you people believe in destiny? but there is no destiny ,every thing in world is


3- you people believe that jinn made from fire ,so how god will punished it by fire

in the judgment day, and they have been made in fire??!!

Suddenly ,The Islamic gaffer slap the man in his face

The man surprise

And the gaffer said “1- tell me know did you know I’m going to slap you?? That’s what we called destiny.

2- of course you feel pain, can you characterize it to me blz ??

that what we called faith on god we feel it but can’t characterized it.

3- do you see my hand ?? it maid from dust and your face too , but you feel the pain? That’s all the answer you need

then the man became Muslim, and he is very happy now with his own family .

thanks all

:) hop Allah send you the light
Even interesting stories are not necessarily true. :)

As for the questions - even if someone were to agree there is God, that does not automatically prove any specific perception of God must therefore be the correct one - and there are an awful lot of different perceptions of God from many different religions. :)
my topic to the people,who didn't believe in god (secularist and jews)
but christian poeple .they are our brothers cause there book
from our god>>from the sky>>>next topic i will prove you that
just need more time
peace :)
Angel{">i<"}tears said:
next topic i will prove you that
just need more time
peace :)

Well, if your intent is to lecture & prove & convert, then you may want to find another web site to do it at. This is a place for discussion, not attempts to preach & convert. Please read the code of conduct (link is on the button bar at the top of every screen).

If you'd like to discuss your viewpoint, and listen respectfully (or at least tolerantly) to that of others - including theists, athiests, agnostics, this is a great place to do so, and your unique insight, beliefs, and viewpoints would be welcome.
You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink. And it will not drink water that has become poisoned or rancid. Some of us feel that mainstream faiths such as islam have become corrupted, (or indeed have always been corrupt), and are further away from 'God' than to look and rejoice only in the creation that is real around us.
I find your metaphor a poor one. Again, as so often is the case from an islamic perspective these days, it is an act of violence that is used to make a man with fair questions a believer. What worth has any faith that resorts to violence, what true belief can it nurture?
I very much doubt there are any true athiests use this forum. To be here at all your heart must feel something deeper. The majority here belong in various camps as to their system of belief but all are here to find something more than they would find burried solely within their chosen faith. I hope you too are able to enjoy the richness here rewarding.


Hi Brother

Bless, brother ..No one force you to read any book, no one force you

To make a family, no one told you be a good Pearson

I don’t even care if you want to read or not

You have your own brain…
life and human,Is not for west in stupid entertainment
Or show businessor music ...ect

We have something more to do

And reason for our exists…..not only live and die… you have mission to build generation

You have exam to pass buy ur brain

Just think alone…why you have all that

Why you even in this you going to raise your children

why you even have to build generation and families???

cause there is many generation underground....why....for what....and what the end

of the life circular ...did we have to live for just fun

I don’t think soo???


you can chose any road you want….i’m just only a light in dark …you have your choice to fallow me or to ignore me …

Thank you


Angel tears,
I thank you sincerely for the offer of guidance. I will make a poor follower however. You see I do not believe there is any book on the planet that speaks the word of 'God'. I believe each to be the work men and men alone and that any 'inspiration' they recieved is no greater than any other person is capable of with some reflection. I think I am able to arrive at such conclusions because I was raised in a society and by a family that let my mind develop free from indoctrination. I recieved education on many faith systems and have arrived where I am happy just to be joyous at my ability to observe the magnificent cosmos into which I was born. I dont believe in a 'judgement day', this is to my mind an insertion into many relgions designed to instil fear and so gain converts. I find this extremely distasteful. If however I am wrong and I one day should find myself before the almighty, then if he is judgeing my heart and my intentions then I have no fear.


Namaste Angel,

I so enjoy your passion and your working to learn and utilize the language.

I am following most of what you are saying, but could you provide another word or description for 'jinni' as I cannot understand.

You need to be aware outside of any specific religion in this area we discuss religions and their similarties and differences without indicating my religion is the only one or better than yours.

Your discussion and thoughts are so welcomed, you just need to be aware of the line or you risk your entire thread getting appropriately moved into another forum.