Is The God Unjust?


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Many religions or let me say all religions believe that there is a God. Some religions believe that there are also gods beside the God but we are not concerned with such gods but with the God only. Almost all religions believe that the God is absolutely just and that humans with all their good intentions can slip or mistake justice while the God being the Almighty does complete justice in absolute sense. There are some questions in my mind (which somebody asked me) or perhaps may be in yours challenging this justness of the God. Please co-operate and join hands to give suitable answers so that faith in the God does not shatter or weaken. I am not a learned scholar or a philosopher so I need your help. Please provide help in the name of God.

Somebody said (God forbid) that the God is cruel. He allows fraction of his (so called) choice to conquer, suppress and even kill their opponents. He is much happy if such a fraction is successful but if others harm that fraction or even intend to do so He is much annoyed. Is this not cruelty that He does not bother about humans not belonging to his so called special group?

Somebody said (God forbid) that the God is class conscience and He feels happy when nobles or wealthy arrange special majestic and even big ceremonies in his honor. Upper class can pray in a befitting manner while poor cannot and poor localities even have unbefitting places of worship. Is this not class consciousness?

Somebody said (God forbid) that the God accepts bribery. Wealthy person gives alms in God's name. Wealth is also required to perform pilgrimages and for some other religious bindings. Wealth is also required to please renowned religious clergies and then they pray for God's blessings and some powerful influential persons make some clergies pray for them in most holy places declared by the God while poor remain deprived. Does the God accept bribery?

Somebody said (God forbid) that the God is unjust in providing luxuries of life to some people and others remain suffering. Resources are necessary in every field of life and poor die for want of medicine, shelter, food etc. How they can pray the God sincerely feeling agitations in their hearts and not being satisfied?

Somebody said and this time he seemed much confident (God forbid) that the God is surely unjust for blessing some people with his true religion and kept depriving others for no fault of their own as they even didn’t heard of that. How natives of new found lands or people who lived before advent of that blessed religion can be blamed for not believing? Nearly a century or two ago more than half of population of this globe was not aware of proclaimed best religions and even among these religions only one is said to be true. Can any ordinary person living constantly in a huge community with out any traveling opportunities to other regions think about any change over to other if his/her is not a blessed one? Is the God ignoring merit and equality for allowing only his so called preferred group to enter heaven? Will only that group be blessed as a whole and others will be damned as a whole? Is this not injustice?

Please join hands to answer these questions. I believe that these are totally unjust charges against the God. Please be serious and sincere because if such charges are not successfully and undoubtedly refuted there will be no room for any religion. Please think if the God is unjust how any religion can be justified. I think most people are indifferent towards religions especially in modern world although apparently they seem to have one. I appeal to you for help disregard of your religious attachments.