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Central California
Hello. I'm littlemissattitude, and I'm glad to meet you all.

Let's see. What can I tell you all about myself. I live in central California, after having grown up in the south part of the state. I am quite interested in religious issues, having majored in Intercultural Studies at university, with an emphasis in the anthropology of religions. I have a wide range of other interests. I write, and I've got a couple of fairly large projects in the works at the moment.

My motto, spiritually speaking, is that - to quote U2 - "I still haven't found what I'm looking for". Maybe that's a bad thing, since I've been looking for years and years. But I've sort of come to the conclusion that it's the journey that's important, not getting to the destination, so I'm comfortable with my search.

I've looked around the forum a little bit, and I see some interesting things going on here. I look forward to spending a bit of time here.:)
Welcome Li'l Miss!

As Gnome at that other universe I have communicated with you before.
Things get pretty heavy around here and it's nice to have someone with a little lighter style join the group.
I tend to over-simplify religion if the posts around here are the norm.
I just don't seem to get wacked-out over semantics and points of view as do some of our participants.
I'm getting more and more comfortable in my belief system, which leaves alot of room for everyone else's.

Anyway, Howdy-do! and Welcome!.....it's nice tosee a familiar "face".
Hi littlemissattitude, and welcome to the comparative-religion forum! Glad you got here okay. :)