It goes very much the other way aswell... That most fail to notice... Trying so hard not to be prejudice or racist to one race... you give them alot more and forget for example in a job it comes down to true skill and such not just oh we best give this "race" a job so we don't look bad... or... If say X race attacks and kills someone from Z Race it's a hate crime and he gets way more punishment than he would if he killed someone from X race.... It's a load of rubbish... every darn crime is a hate crime! for example what I have heared before...

"It's not a riot... It's rage"
"It's not robbery, it's poverty.."
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Yes, interestingly enough some groups that are now "white" were not "white" in American history- notably the Irish and Italians.

The Jewish population wasn't considered white, either, at one point in US history. (I'm not trying to start a verbal fight here , I, Brian. Just stating something from the movie. *hands over a cute British Shorthair :kitty:*)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
path_of_one said:
That pretty much sums up why skin color is distributed how it is.

I think it's a pretty nifty mechanism God came up with so we didn't all die in new environments. It's a shame we take something so biologically beneficial to the human species and make it a basis for prejudice, discrimination, and hate.

Thank you for your post on this subject. I have been following it on several other forums, hot topic right now. I see that racism has been defined well as a physical migration out of Africa, but not that much has been said to address the spiritual and social changes that happened as we migrated out of Africa and entered into differrent phases of evolution...
In my opinion racism isn't really about skin color. From my experience it is from bias based on cultural differences. Blacks and whites aside for the obvious reasons of slavery grate on each other for cultural reasons, which are really subcultures; social status, geographic location etc. Due to variances in upbringing and cultural perspectives on government, society or whatever the case may be the differences arise. I think that since the views are so radically different at times skin color begins to stands out. There is so much ignorance on both sides of the fence that it seems there will never be an end to the misunderstandings. Ignorance breeds more ignorance and creates a snowball effect. I was actually told once by a kid that if it weren't for the whites he wouldn't have to go to school. By the way he was black. I wanted to tell him (but didn;t know at the time) that education and learning has its roots in Africa, Egypt and the Middle eastern areas of the world. I think people are especially ignorant in the USA. I hear things that make my head spin at times. I see perpetrators of ignorance and arrogance in all races and cultures.