The Gospel According to Debbie (Humor)


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Issue of 2004-03-08
Posted 2004-03-08

Recent works like “The Passion of the Christ” and “The Da Vinci Code” seek
to illuminate the life of Jesus. Not long ago, an additional text was
discovered in an ancient linen backpack found in a cave outside Jerusalem,
surrounded by what appeared to be early Roman candy wrappers and covered with
stickers reading “I [heart] All Faiths” and “Ask Me About Hell.” A parchment
diary found inside the backpack appears to contain the musings of one Debbie
of Galilee. Many of the pages are still being translated from high-school
Aramaic; here are some persuasive excerpts:

October 5

I saw him in the marketplace! Everyone says that he’s the son of God, but I
don’t care one way or the other because he’s just so CUTE!!! O.K., he’s not
hot like a gladiator or a centurion, but he’s really sensitive and you can
tell that he thinks about things and then goes, “Be nice to people,” and I’m
like, that is SO TRUE and I wonder if he’s seeing anyone!

October 21

Everyone says that he’s just totally good and devoted to all humanity and
that he was sent to save us and that’s why he doesn’t have time for a
girlfriend, although I swear I saw Mary Magdalene doodling in the sand with
a stick, writing “Mrs. Jesus Christ” and “Merry Xmas from Mary and Jesus
Christ and All the Apostles,” with little holly leaves all around it. And
I’m like, Mary, are you dating Jesus? and she says, no, he’s just helping
me, and I’m like, you mean with math? and she’s like, no, to not be such a
whore. And I said, but that is so incredibly sweet, and we both screamed and
talked about whether we like him better when he’s healing the lame or with a

December 25

I wanted to get him the perfect thing for his birthday, so I asked Matthew
and he said, well, myrrh is good, but then Luke said, oh please, everyone
always gives him myrrh, I bet he wishes those wise men had brought scented
candles, some imported marmalade, and a nice box of notecards. So I go,
O.K., what about accessories, like a new rope belt or clogs or like I could
make him a necklace with his name spelled out in little clay letters? and
Mark said, I love that, but Luke rolled his eyes and said, Mark, you are
just such an Assyrian. So I go to see Mary, Jesus’ mom, and she said that
Jesus doesn’t need gifts, that he just wants all of us to love God and be
better people, but I asked, what about a sweater? and she said medium.

January 2

Oh my God, oh my God, I couldn’t believe it, but I was right there, and
Jesus used only five loaves of bread and two fish to feed thousands of
people, and it was so beautiful and miraculous, and my brother Ezekiel said,
whoa, Jesus has invented canapés and I said shut up! And then my best friend
Rachel asked, I wonder if he could make my hair really shiny, and I said,
you are so disgusting, Jesus shouldn’t waste his time on your vanity, and
then Jesus smiled at me and I’m telling you, those last seven pounds, the
stubborn ones, they were totally gone! And I spoke unto the angry Roman mob
and I said, behold these thighs! Jesus has made me feel better about me!

March 12

Everyone is just getting so mean. They’re all going, Debbie, he is so not
divine, Debbie, you’ll believe anything, Debbie, what about last year when
you were worshipping ponchos? And I so don’t trust that Judas Iscariot,
who’s always staring at me when I walk to the well and he’s saying, hey,
Deb, nice jugs, and I’m like, oh ha ha ha, get some oxen.

April 5

So Mary Magdalene tells me that Jesus and all the apostles had this big
party and that it got really intense and Jesus drank from this golden goblet
and now it’s missing and the restaurant is like, this is why there’s a

April 23

It’s all over. And it’s been terrible and amazing and I don’t know what any
of it means or who’s right and who’s wrong but maybe I’ll figure it out
later. Anyway, I’ll always remember what Jesus said to me. He said, Debbie,
I can foresee that someday you’ll meet someone, someone wonderful, but for
right now let’s at least think about college.

That's is so totally cool - I've printed it off so I can show it around. :)
I had to laugh out loud. Jesus inventing canapes...

"Jesus has made me feel better about me."

Ain't that the truth!