Giving it some serious thought--just don't know exactly what I want to do with it. A little worried about my tech knowledge, ya know?:)


brucegdc said:
I'm having enough trouble keeping up with my website at - and that's just putting up the pictures of the new pottery as I make it

... Bruce

Hey, Bruce--nice work! I particularly like the New Blue stuff, especially the bowl from the April album.

Hi All, and Peace:)

Brian--I finally had some time this evening, and J.H. told me you have a band? How did I not know that? Not paying attention, I guess....

Anyway, he has not had time to listen, but he told me about it. So, of course, I went there straightaway. But "your space" is not up tonight. I look forward to listening, though.

I wish J.H. would post some of his stuff on the Net. But some of his best stuff is tangled up with copyright problems. Anyway, maybe he can get that worked out.

Hope to give you a listen real soon.:)

Sorry, not in a band, though I used to have some music online at one point. Not added anyone yet as I've not been on MySpace this week - try not to, too much - but will maybe do that as I unwind on Friday evening. :)
Hmmm....okay! Guess I was paying attention after all:eek: (Never mind us--we are aging faster than usual these days.) I look forward to a visit, anyway.

And I have definitely decided to aquire a space of my own. Just thinking about which direction I want to go with it.