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The issue of "Clockwork Orange" was raised elsewhere - having not seen the film until a couple of decades later, it simply looked dated and wacthed like Monty Python but without any humour. Not for myself, I guess.

But on the subject of Monty Python, I have to roundly declare that "Life of Brian" is one of the funniest comedies ever made. In fact, it's the funniest joke in the world, after the Mona Lisa. :)

Of course, Monty Pythons "Holy Grail" is a great runner up to Life of Brian's comedy crown. :)

Can't wait to get the Region 1 (NOrth America) DVD erlease of Life of Brian one day - apparently, there are a ton of extras, not least deleted scenes, on that - the REgion 2 release having little else than the film.

Maybe Santa will bring me it this year. :)
hmm... well, i have to agree with your sentiment... though i am not sure that i'd put Life of Brian at the top of that list... quite possibly, Holy Grail is funnier... though i suspect that is simply opinion... as an avid RPG'er (role playing gamer) there are so many things that just set that move as the standard.

funny enough... back in the day a high school i attended had a variety show that the students could compete in. a few friends and i did a Monty Pyton skit, you know.. the one about the evolution of jape. quite funny that. in any event... we were gonged off the stage after we hit the judges with cream pies. ah... that was fun stuff :)

in any event... another comic classic, in my opinion, is a movie by american comdey actor, Steve Martin, called The Jerk. too funny! it's a late 70's or early 80's movie. if you've not seen it, i would encourage you to do so.
We did some Monty Python sketches in school as well. :) I am proud to say that I was once one of the Four Yorkshiremen. :D
I said:
We did some Monty Python sketches in school as well. :) I am proud to say that I was once one of the Four Yorkshiremen. :D

you know....

there are so many things in their act that are particular to Britian.. the aforementioned Yorkshiremen, for instance, that lost alot in the translation, as it were.

when i lived in England, we didn't have a tele and i was not exposed to them until i moved to the States.

by and large, my friends had no idea why i found it so funny. eh.. what can i say except that Terry Gilliam and John Cleese are brilliant, not to sleight Eric or Jones.
A couple I've secretly enjoyed (in the realm of comedy) are The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming and Dr. Strangelove Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. The original Pink Panther movie series wasn't too bad either (with Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau [sp?].)

I'm more into the ones that are a bit, um, interesting (so to speak.) I've watched Psycho (turning my head towards the end of the shower scene), M (a film where Peter Lorre didn't speak at all, if I recall), Das Boot (subtitled, of course [pun not intended]), there are a few others I can mention, but I'll leave this list for a while.

One thing I have that I wish I could watch is the DVD to The Storyteller series produced by Jim Henson (has all nine episodes on it, :jump: :jump:.) Alas, no tv and no computer with a DVD player on it.

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One of my favorites is the revisionist take on the Robin Hood legend starring Sean Connery and Audrey Hepurn called "Robin and Marion".
James Goldman's script, (he also wrote "The Lion in Winter") has glorious existensial speeches.
When at the end Marion (in a Nun's habit) says to a dying Robin, "I love you more than God.", it rips your heart right out.
In school instead of reading Hamlet or whatever else classic I was supposed to I wrote my book reports on Clockwork Orange, for 9,10,11.12th, same book report every year but improved based on the teachers comments from the year before, same argument every year...yeah I didn't read your book, but what was the purpose you wanted to know what we got out of the book, content, characters, theme...I wrote about that...and got away with it every year...

Wish I read the classics!

Movie was trip.

- Python, fell in love with the series in the 70's, the movies were icing on the cake, I've got the album of the soundtrack of the trailer...

- Pink Panther great stuff, but my all time Peter Sellers favorite was a mental slapstick, Being There.

Always a fan of slapstick, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Marx Brothers, WC Fields...Haven't seen stepbrothers yet but I really can't do better than the oldies...

Alex, you like A Clockwork Orange.

Brian, you like Life of Brian.

I smell a conspiracy.
Clockwork orange is on another level... It is in a league above.
Ah! Right director, wrong movie (not that clockwork orange is a bad movie...certainly prophetic in a way).

2001: A Space Odyssey

Far deeper, philosophically, even though it too now seems dated.
I liked the 2001 series of books.

I saw 2001 long before Star Wars. I read the book, I read the sequel, I read the book about the making of the movie. I didn't get to read the third (final?) book of the series (2050?). I'd love it if it were remade with modern effects, although I think the title would have to change. For its time, the effects were groundbreaking, and far more involved than any greenscreen computer generated stuff.

The use of Classical music to watch a waltz between two spacecraft...brilliant and genius.

But by far the most compelling and thought provoking is the beginning, where Kubrick and Clark let us glimpse the dawning of humanity.

Alex, you like A Clockwork Orange.

Brian, you like Life of Brian.

I smell a conspiracy.

The conspiracy continues...juantoo3 likes 2001.

Perhaps dauer likes......The Grapes of Wrath? (it was the first "dour" movie to come to mind, ;) )
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Dauer rhymes with power. Power Rangers: The Movie?
I remembered another "great" all-time favorite movie:

A Man Called Horse

You know Juantoo, that did bring a memory to the forefront of my brain. I will have to see if I can find that on DVD. I remember seeing that at Drive-In when I was small. Great movie! It has been a long time.

There are lots of great movies out, I certainly have my collection, but would like to add more to it! :eek:}