Power of Belief


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In my opinion the power of belief is underestimated. Consider this i was watching T.V one time and they were doing experiments. People were attached to a machine by scientists, the people were then told they were going to be shocked (by this i mean electric shock) before they were shocked they were told they were going to be shocked they were told that it was set on the highest level and it was going to hurt. After the shock people responded in pain saying it hurt (you know what comes next) two weeks later they brought back the same people attached them to a machine and were told that they were going to be shocked again only this time it was set on the lowest level and that it was only going to tingle and they later said that it didn't hurt at all. At the end of these tests they were then told (surprise, surprise) that both shocks were the same. Other examples could be people on medication being perscribed a different drug by their doctor, returning for the drug sometime later and being told by their doctor that they no longer need it because the drug they were given the month before was actually mints. All these are examples that belief are extremely powerful to the human mind and influences us to be behave the way we do. What do you think?
I totally agree, that's why life experiences have taught me to never anticipate or expect anything. Of course then, life is continuously surprising one with good and bad things, but the real life skill to be learned by humans, IMHO, is to live life in the moment and handle things as they come along. When you've accomplished that, then you slowly come to realize that life resembles a very strange joke, so I've also learned to laugh at it and myself a lot over the years.

I also read this study and to me it is just common sense. Our minds and bodies are wondrous devices that are designed to support our spiritual existence, if we allow them to.

It's already scientifically acknowledged that almost 40% of all medical conditions are curable by the power of the mind alone. So the brain is absolutely central to the functioning of the body and is key in helping people deal with illness.
Hey Cav:

The longer that you live, the more you'll realize that much of life is a joke. If you don't laugh a lot, you're toast.

I prefer things that work whether I believe in them or not. I've got enough on my plate without having to go around desperately trying to convince myself that I believe something, and then if it doesn't work, "gee, it's all my fault 'cause my faith wasn't strong enough."

Hello All,

It does appear that belief is very powerful. In Christianity, one who esteems something evil, to him it is evil. Strong beliefs in such precepts as 'good' and 'evil' seem to be a great contributor to guilt and bondage to those beliefs. Don't you think?