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Discussion in 'Belief and Spirituality' started by imnotkobe08, Nov 21, 2003.

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    along that line (humans and plants with the double helix, but with different coding), I have a theory i have temporarily termed element L infinity. This is based primarily on three observations:
    1) I've heard of (and felt) the energy of our universe...that ''spark'' between two people, that ''gut'' feeling, everyday intuition that people discuss and follow daily.
    2) the proven test that sunlight and affection (whether with plants or humans - the point here is positive energy) leads to more positive and healthier behavior and growth
    3) no matter how far scientist dig and discover there is always another element to their research that needs further explanation (this case, elemet L infinity)

    The theory is...the Lord is omnipresent because of his Spiritual form. He ''travels'' through the universe (and us) on DNA modeled waves. Think about it...we are created in His obvious. we believe that radio waves exist, right? Think about the structure of these waves...high peaks and low valleys...think about the structure of dna...could these radio waves be a product of the disruption in the Lord's infinite 'wave'?? Can radio waves exist in a vacuum (side not question)? Wouldn't there have to be something there for the radio waves to bounce of off? Think about the waves (peaks & valleys) that result with lie detector test and on the heart monitor machine in the hospital. They all have similar structure/base, right? If we rotate these 2-d waves about it's middle (vertex, i think) to take up a full 360º, don't we pretty much get the DNA structure?
    So, while science may be trying to disprove the existence of God, will we find that science is actually the search for God?
    I have always believed in the Big Bang and a Christian God. I have always believed that the Lord made this universe unlike most of go about task...he did cover all tracks and literally left stone unturned. He gave people the choice to embrace and reject Him and YES, 'bad' things do the absence of Him!

    Another thing, electrowaves has formed tumors in people, right? So on a relative scale, couldn't the element L infinity wave formed seed in a virgin mother? But instead of being formed by a destructive, disruptive force, that seed was formed by the most positive, spiritual force NOT conceivable my mankind.
    People can choose to ignore our personal energies, nature's energies, or me...but that doesn't mean they or me don't exist.

    I'd like to hear what some of you think...especially about some of the rough scientific facts/questions i stated.
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    thank you for the post and welcome to the forum.

    your theory is fundamentally flawed since you cannot show that God exists, and the a priori assumption is that we are made in God's image, the theory fails the falsefication test.

    we don't believe that radio waves exist, we know they exist. belief and knowledge are different things.

    by the by... science is engaged in no such thing (disproving or proving the existence of God) science is engaged in describing the physical universe in which we inhabit.. that is all. some of the things that science has discovered, however, have implications to God or God's nature (HUP anyone?).

    also.. the Big Bang, in most of it's models, has been shown to be inaccurate as a description of the beginning of the universe. you may consider reading some Stephen Hawking in this regards. the reason that the RCC accepted the Big Bang is because God could have created in that fashion.. as the Big Bang says nothing about the state of things prior to the Big Bang.

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