I Need Info Abt Yoga

i LOVE YOGA. im just gettin into it wud love it if sum1 could gimme sum info
Namaste CL1V3,

What type of Yoga are you practicing? What are your specific questions?
I said:
You may also find it helpful to realise that you're not using a mobile phone, but a PC, and text talk on forums is likely to be seen as annoying at best. :)
Annoying or not, and as much as I hate to say it...I see a time in the not so distant future we'll be seeing this in newspapers, scrolling under captions on TV, in letters and in standard communication. Preteens thru 20 somethings are now texting heavily...which means in two generatons, it has the potential to move from the new to the norm. yikes Ya know you are gettin old when you say "That music is just a bunch of noise"
C i jus want info on yoga..i came accross a topic "SATSANG"..wats dat?