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This post is a little long, I won't feel bad if no one feels like reading through it all :D

No one probably remembers me, but I joined last year before I joined the Navy. With everything being so busy, I never had a chance to log on (or really even do anything with computers). I made one post before I left, you can search it (the name of the thread is "Multi-Religional?" (Without the quotations). Perhaps you can read that to learn a little about me.

My name is Cory and I am 19 years old. I enjoy fishing, martial arts (shito-ryu), reading (pretty much everything. I love studying religion, although I haven't done a lot of that within the past year and have forgotten most everything I had memorized :() I collect bladed weapons, and one day might collect guns, however, I don't beleive in hunting for fun. The last deer I shot, I used absolutely everything. I used the bones and sharpened them and made a cool-looking shaman staff (I'll have to upload pictures), used the eyes as catfish bait of all things (lol) and the fur is still waiting for a use. The deermeat was delicious. I hate fighting but am well capable, and I am a talking/discussion fanatic, even if I only have a small idea of the subject matter, I'll discuss to try to learn.

One other factor that might make me stand out a little bit, is my approach to problems/discussions/arguments. I have my own little - shortened version of the scientific method that is constantly running though my head all the time, and it has really helped me from saying things i shouldn't, doing things i would regret, and such. Perhaps it can help you as well. Here are the steps to my "shortened" scientific method. Lets call it the Raz0r Meth0d.

1) Identify the -subject- (normally -subject- would be problem. But this method has helped me when there wasn't a problem at hand, such as a calm discussion. So thus I say subject instead of problem.)

2) Approach and see the -subject- from all possible angles/perspectives. (This is the hard part. Some people are set in their ways and can't see many more perspectives. Even if you're good at it, you're bound to miss some of the perspectives every now and then. I know theres no way to see it from ever perspective sometimes, and nobody is perfect. So just check it out in as many angles/perspectives as possible. Its the best you can do.)

3) List as many possible -answers- to the -subject- as you can. (Sometimes you can only think of a few, sometimes you can think of tons. The words -answer- and -subject- are again used loosely, as it can be a problem, discussion, anything pretty much. So in different situations you would not have an answer, but an open opinion, or anything. This can be used to fix an oven or any object, or also in conversation... its pretty good way to approach any kind of situation. Nobody can list all of the possible - answers- , so just as many as you can think of. Again, no one is perfect (or if you rather, everyone is perfect in their own way, but no one is the same)

4) Narrow the list of -answers- to what you think is the best -answer-. (again, no one is "perfect" or no one is the same, so what you think is the best answer may not be, but usually once you think about it, it's an excellent answer. If it's wrong, you can go back to step three, pick a new answer, and if you still cannot get the right -answer-, you're at least guaranteed to learn something from the experience. Learning should always be the goal, but of course if it's something you need the answer to, is always nice to find that you were correct :) )

-If you find yourself at a "lockup" or a "standstill" during the process, it is designed so that you can go back 1,2,or even 3 steps. You can skip a step, if you know for sure about something, but usually you can never "know for sure" but just think that you are correct, and most of the times you are. I know I've been in situations where I could have sworn I was absolutely, 100% correct, and have been completely off-target and/or wrong. It happens to everyone.

---This is what I use. It works for me, and it has worked for a few of the people who have asked me how I am good at debating and such, and they all thank me for it. If you have your own way to approach -subjects- I would be VERY interested in hearing it. This is just a good, open, all-around method that I use, and it has served me well. I hope it will do the same for you. Also, I will post it in the "Philosophy" section, so you can reply to just this part on that thread, so that it won't be off topic.--


During my various travels over the past year and a half, I've grown a lot and learned a lot. I've given up on my search for a religion, and instead incorporate what I think is right from some and use that as a basis of my faith. I still meditate and such as well. I've started writing stories/poems/songs a little more, and for some reason when I write them I feel that I have to write them from someone elses perspective kind of. Soem of them use christian ideas that I don't beleive in, some use just random things like that, but if you would like to learn a little more about me and read some of these songs/poems/stories, please visit my myspace ( (I hope putting that link isn't against any site policies... if it is I apologize and will take it down if someone warns me!) But I live a life now that still needs some working on, as you can see vaguely in my song "For a While Now". It's not as bad as the song should make me sound, but everyone needs work, and I realize what i need to work on within myself, which i think is a gift in itself.

This is pretty much me. If you have any questions at all, just repond, email, or anything like that to get in contact with me, and I'll be happy to answer or just to chat. Also, I like to think that I am very good at helping people solve personal problems, cheering people up, and solving disputes. I am always happy to help in any way possible. Perhaps you will think I am a good person to talk to, perhaps not, but you can't lose anything for trying ;)

Well, you guys have a wonderful day. I'll be checking back in quite often, so it won't be too long before you get a response from me. May everyone find peace!

Anchors aweigh razOr. Glad to have you back here.

Your modification of the scientific method sounds a lot like Occam's Razor to me, wherein the least complex explanation of reality is probably the closest to the truth. But really, it's just another way to try to explain the unexlainable.

Talk to you sooner,

Welcome back - I remember the avatar well. :)

I've also added you at MySpace. :)
Thanks you all for the welcomes. Sadly, I've never heard of Occam's Razor before, but I'll google it as soon as I'm done with this reply. And I'm glad someone remembered my avatar :)