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i had a very very strange dream a few nights ago.
it felt very real, and first person

i was there in front of thousands of people, accompanying the pope benedict XVI. he was making a speech in front of many. one to his side had betrayed him and was about to kill him with a large knife.:eek:. i had just seen the sheen of his knife as he was taking it out, i intervined to grab his knife, me, him and the pope fell, and i herd a very loud bang like a gun. the pope was shot at at the exact second as we fell, benedict was dead. i had just gotten up (with a bloody knife in hand) and the one originally with the knife yelled "murderer" or something like that., the crowd roared and went into a frenzy throwing anything on the stage. i would know that this is the only way it could go down and accepted the blame and was executed. the crowd and history would later pin me for the assaination and the one who originally wanted to commit the murder would walk free and take over the catholic faith. and the next few days would host a very large war and revolutions would follow.

now i have never had such a vivid dreams and am very confused as to why my mind would process such things.

any of you who are experts in the dream arena can tell me what this might mean?
whee, strange appears appropriate...

The only dreamwork I do revolves around everyone in the dream being parts of my psyche...

So place yourself as the audience watching...the one with the knife, the one with the gun, the pope and yourself....

Whether it is a moral question or one at work or one at home or contemplations of an idea, or deciding to move...contemplate what various thoughts in your head are battling over..

Did you happen to eat a deep fried polish sausage sandwich with hot sauce before you went to bed that night ? Those things ALWAYS gave me nightmares back in the day !

Despite the Joseph stories in the bible, you shouldn't take extraordinary dreams too seriously, unless, of course they keep repeating themselves. Then go talk to a professional about them, IMO.

LOL, no i didnt have a polish suasage, i am polish though....