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Had this pointed out to me from somewhere else - effectively, a great list of...unusual churches and cults. :)

Have a look and tell me what you think. :)


This thread is a good point of departure for the search into the law’s definition of religion, church, cult, or simply put, religion. I suspect that the law might not be so concerned with the definition of religion as with the definition of church; but religion and church are connected terms.

The law gives authority to church ministers or religious ministers to officiate marriages that have effects in law, namely, in the court; and it likewise covers acts or omissions of the married spouses and third parties dealing with them. Moreover, the law also grants tax exemptions to religious institutions.

On these scores it is incumbent upon law to define what is a religion or what is a church or what is at least a minister of religion or church.

Would my definition of religion be acceptable in law?
A human behavior founded upon a belief in an unknown power resulting in affections and actions intended by the believer to influence the unknown power to react favorably to the believer.

What I know of law is that it does not as a rule concern itself with the inner dispositions and intentions of an agent; but it does have to just the same for the determination of validity of acts, and also the determination of guilt and innocence in regard to acts or omissions in contravention of law.

It does not concern itself, I should be more precise, with the intrinsic truths of a religion and worth of its observances, provided the professed truths and practices of a religion or church are not disruptive in the least of peace and order.

Suppose I found an association called the Beatitudes Doers, and put the word ‘Church’ to it, thus: Beatitudes Doers Church. Moreover, I get some friends together to be members of this group, and they accept me to be their head; so that in effect I am their pastor, minister, religious head, whatever.

Now, I have this group registered as a religious corporation or institution, with myself as the minister head.

I can now officiate marriages and solicit donations from all and sundry even non-members, and put all properties in the name of the church, thereby enjoying whatever of tax exemptions there be allowed to religious institutions.

I will report back to this thread, after I make some readings about law on religion, church, and related subjects.

Right now, I am very inclined to say that I can engage in entrepreneurial religion and have a good living thereby. When we look at religion we can also certainly see the entrepreneurial aspects very visible in its composition and operation.

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