Most Ravishing and Gorgeous Newscaster I Have Ever Seen


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Most Ravishing and Gorgeous Newscaster I Have Ever Seen

My title definitely suits this entry because I will talk about the
most ravishing and most gorgeous newscaster in the world right now,
Melissa Theuriau.

This beautiful travel show anchor and newscaster is very popular not
only in France but all over the world. Well, who wouldn’t admire this lady
who is not only blessed with beauty but with intelligence, too. I first
saw her one Monday morning when I shifted my television channel, saw her
reporting about this event and France, and was charmed with her. I was
completely stunned when I saw her gorgeous body matched with her nice
hair. She really looks awesome and hot whatever her outfit is. Everyday,
I’m excited to turn on my television to see her again doing her show.

My friends always tease me whenever they see me watching her television
show, saying that I am more updated with France compared to my own
country. Well, that’s partly correct because ever since I saw Melissa on
television, I became so enthusiastic with France and French people. My
friends even joked me to go to France and watch her live to see if she
is really more beautiful and stunning in person. However, despite my
enthusiasm on her, I know my limits.
This is the first time I've ever seen Melissa Theuriau and I have to agree, she really is very beautiful. Apart from her dare I say, 'perfect' features, she also seems to have a kindly, clean and gentle appearance. This coupled with what I'd assume a pleasant voice, good diction and probably also education, has allowed her the advantage and privilege of the kind of career most girls would only dream about.

So now to my main point.
Browsing on Google, I came across many images of this pretty girl, including some naked shots of her and I can't help but ask myself why? I'm just curious to know what it is that would make a girl who could compete with Helen for the title of 'the face that launched a thousand ships'; who is presumably intelligent, educated and well spoken; has the kind of job that places her in the spotlight on a daily basis, which along with what I'm sure is a generous pay-packet, also allows for that so sought after dream by so many but that so few only attain, namely fame.
So why the birthday suit?

I just don't get it!
chijee said:
So why the birthday suit?

I just don't get it!
I do know what you mean, but also think to myself, why not? She's comfortable with her body so if someone wants to pay her money for some nude shots then yeah, why not?
But, in my head I always lose a bit of respect for someone when I find out they have posed nude. Maybe it's not to have this reaction but still..
Melissa Theuriau, never heard of her before... But wow, she'd get some... She'd get more than some... :D

Wait.. Just seen nudes... There is much room for improvement on the body. Fully clothed and drowned in makeup though she is good.