Fallacy is a bad word


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In Paladin's thread he noted the continual flouting of logical rules that can be seen on any board.

Is part of the problem perhaps that calling people people on their fallacious reasoning doesn't often go down too well?

For example, in the past I've remarked that a post aimed at me contained ad hominem attacks and been met with accusations that people who tend to shout ad hominem tend to be the worst offenders.

If we recognise a fallacy should we be as rigourous as possible?
I think it important to call out a person using a fallacy of logic in a debate, it is part of debate itself to use those fallacies and hope you don't get caught at it, that is what rhetoric is for. As for the Ad hominem question, just speak your truth quietly and plainly and go from there. Should someone reply that those who use that term are the worst offenders, it is another fallacy, a red herring as it were. Understand that there are those who seem to be "hard wired" to using fallacious argument.

Jaiket, as long as I have known you, you have proven yourself quite a reasonable man, and not given to calling names or indulging in base behaviors to win at all costs. I consider you a gentleman, and would take umbrage at anyone suggesting that you are not.
Hi Y'all, and Peace--

I just saw this thread. I already posted again on the other one in an attempt to "un-derail" what I thought I might have derailed in the first place. Hope that's not a problem. I posted "the list" there for the purpose of following up on Paladin's original question, and in the hope that it would be a valuable resource for everyone, including myself. (I'm considering just posting an Apology in General-type document somewhere so I don't have to keep repeating myself. But then there might come a time when there is something I don't want to apologize about, and disclaimers don't really work in that particular situation.:) )