Divination: What are we in touch with?


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Not sure if this is the right section for this thread, but since types of divination exist in many cultures I thought I might give it a go here.

Question: with what or with whom are we plugged into when using any type of divination such as tarot, I Ching, or any other method? Is it our own higher self expressing past our everyday "sen" mind? Perhaps a power greater than ourselves? What do you think?


I've always seen astrology, tarot, I ching so wide that it is open to interpretation...

Utilizing pendelums I thought as our higher self.

A well driller used willow. I walked around with the stick he gave me and got nothin. So he held my wrists while I held the willow and walked with me, when we walked along the underground 'river' the stick tried twisted and tried to pull out of my hand.

I still don't know how to discuss that. This was in Nevada, while we were builiding the house the neighbor complained his driller hit two dry wells and went over 300' to get water in the third and they had to be careful.

Our driller showed him where the underground river ran...and how it just hit the corner of our property and went right through the middle of his house...missing all three of his wells. He said we should be just over 100' and darn near artesion.

At 113' we hit water, it blew out the top and then backed down to about 3 feet below the surface, he dropped a pump and ran it for 6 hours and we couldn't drop the water below 6 feet down...and then it came right back up to 3....

since then I've witched (located) sewer manholes, water lines, power lines, trenches...but not had the opportunity or need to witch wells.
Hi, Peace--

I remember lots of talk about this from my childhood visits with family in the Ozarks. Lots of wells up there in the hills, and I have seen my share of divining rods. Some of the old folks insisted that these were the "devil's instruments". Others dismissed this. They found the water, too.:)

Another thing I noticed about these people. They read coffee grounds, and they could smell lightning.