what happens after we die

man oh man

ok i found someone else with the triangle indentation.

there are tree tigs i probably do/did more than others

yelled/was angry at my family members

maybe/maybe not experienced the devil

masturbated a LOT. (i think the triangle might come either from repeated anger or the "oh face" i have noticed some female porn stars with it

any way

guess who else has it, one almost like mine except a little bigger

todd from way of the master radio

this is insane



maybe he is a ex porn addict or has a hot wife. he definitely wants to put an end to pornograpy
taijasi said:
Speaking of science, try looking up the recent (and current) research of Gary Schwartz (Arizona State Univ, maybe???). He's written several books already, but most fascinating is that he's really helping to advanced our understanding of life after death from a scientific point of view. And none of this pseudo-science nonsense that the skeptics love to throw around, in an attempt to discount something they don't understand.

I would suggest caution in considering the spiritualism experiments done by Gary Schwartz as being good science. His testing methods have serious flaws which basically invalidate his conclusions. I remember watching a television show on him and his research and through the whole thing I was amazed at how the game "twenty questions" played under the guise of communicating with the dead was being passed off as valid scientific proof. (The "twenty questions" method is also known by another name: cold reading.)

Check out this article skeptical of Schwartz' work along with Schwartz's response to the review and then this followup reply to Schwartz's concerns to get a better indication of how Schwartz's work has been received by the scientific community.
shadowman said:
maybe we just die?
yes that is what the bible teaches Ezekiel 18;4
The soul that is sinning—it itself will die. and when we die we are conscious of nothing at all ......... Ecclesiates9;5
"What everybody knows is, when a body decomposes, it's basic elements are given back to the ocean..." - Harry Nilsson

I don't know what happens when you die, but if life is anything to go by, it's probably just another day nowhere...