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Does the Jinn race exsist

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. I do not know what a "Jinn" is

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  1. YO-ELEVEN-11

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    I tell you what taijasi, when I first found out about the Jinn, the first thing I thought about was the show "I Dream of Genie" that I used to watch as a child. I really liked that show along with "The Twlight Zone".

    Anyway, if you get the chance, see if you can find any episodes of that show, because "Major Nelson" had a lot of things happen to him. That may be a way to jog your memory a bit.
  2. taijasi

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    Ok, YO, I will take a look. I remember the shows, but haven't seen one in a long time.

    Meanwhile, I posted a few words on another thread that Thomas started about anecdotal stuff ... which ties right in with this one. Also, here is the definition of Jinn from the Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary online:
    Jinn, Jinni, Jinnee (Arabic) singular jinniy, plural jinn; also genii. In the Koran a class of beings, both male and female, between angels and human kind and represented as being created from smokeless fire, abounding particularly in desert places. Popularly jinn are regarded as being able to appear to mankind in the form of domestic animals or of human beings of gigantic size, the benevolent ones appearing in beautiful shape, the malevolent in horrible guise.

    I have additional thoughts about the Jinn, but they are fairly well summed up in the notion of Aladdin's genie ... and the idea that in fact, the genie represents our own, subconscoius desire-nature (or "wish-life"). This is a variation on the notion of the Jinn as an entirely separate, elemental being. Both, I find, are correct.


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