Daily Wisdom Saying

Wisdom says, "no". But sometimes she says "Yes". What do you say?

(This is right up your alley)
Hi, and Peace--

Before I leave this thread for a while, I would just like to thank "Wishing", if you are still around. And Vajradhara (sorry if misspeeled :) your name for starting it in the first place. Noble effort.

"There is no original, only copies and copies of copies and more copies"
"there is no fate, only those who believe in it"
"There is no fear, only those who make of it themselves"
"there is no truth, only those who believes it to be."
"You do not want these emotions: Greed, hate, Fear, disgust, jealousy, guilt, Anger, and all the other "negatives". But I do."

"Be you, peace be with you, may you live a thousand happy lives."
Sounds like me and my Savior--made your point now? Or have I made it for you? Happy?
You and your savior? I don't know what you mean cuz I'm not familiar with that.. And for there being a point, there is none. No point at all.
all these post are what my mind comes up with.
and what do you mean by "Happy?". Of course I am always happy, I just haven't learned how to express it.
You know what? (And I do not think you do).

This thread was started in earnest, and I do not think that you are in earnest. Let's call up Earnest and see what he thinks about it all.

If your desire is to come here and speak wisdom, then have a go at it. In the beginning, I did nothing but welcome you.

If you feel the need to continually defend yourself, then, for all of our sakes, please tell us what the whatever you are defending?

I, for one, am tired of it....

InPeace (really, I am)
I'm sorry if you thought I was defending anything, I'm not defending nor attacking. I'm only trying to show what I know. truly I didn't mean to um.. insult/hurt/um.. sorry i can't think of the word right now. But I truly didn't mean to do anything unearnest. Really, Every word I wrote is the truth or at least I think it is. So well if you still are upset about my responses, well then I'm truly sorry.
What more can I say.. Oh yea, I meant my replies to be knowledgeable. That's all, no hate, no intention on anything personal.
~peace I'm in.
Good, then--do no harm...

I, too am sorry if there was a misunderstanding...