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I've always gone through life with a sense of future - of Fate.

Trouble is, it's always been difficult trying to work out the details.

I figured I was going to be rich and successful in media (not newspapers - media formats) and it all seems to be happening - though nothing like I'd have expected.

Oftentimes I'll see a vision of something but not comprehend it. I've seen myself working with computers and the internet long before I ever touched them, though didn't understand what I was seeing at the time.

A more recent example is that I used to try and work out where I'd live.

When I was a child, I remember writing my name backwards - Nairb.

I looked at it, and for some reason changing the 'b' to a 'n' - Nairn - seemed important. I looked it up and found there was a real place in Scotland called Nairn, by the Highlands. I figured I was suppose to go there someday.

Fast forward a few decades...

Living in the inner city of Hull wasn't much fun for my girlfriend, who longed for countryside. She's from the Isle of Man, but housing is so expensive that moving there couldn't be an option. Scotland seemed a good compromise.

It was a choice between renting in Stirling, or renting in Inverness.

Inverness seemed to call, but felt too much like a jump. Stirling was more practical - nice and central, and we could explore most of Scotland from there, to see if we could find the "right " area to move to.

So we rented near Stirling and drove everywhere except the far south-east and far north-west.

When we finally drive up towards Inverness I got a real buzz - something special.

After exploring all of Scotland, there were only two areas we decided we wanted to live - either on the Black Isle, north of Scotland, or near the Moray Firth, between Inverness and Nairn.

We went house hunting, and eventually found the best property in our price range. It had views over the water to the mountains of the Highlands.

It was in Nairn.

I'm still trying to peice together what my future holds. I already think I have an idea of key moments in my future, but have no idea how the road travels to them. I think that's part of the fun in life.

Even still, it's funny how I often feel a sense of future memory, but I'm not the only one - whether it's going places, or meeting people who seem somehow familiar.

Question is, how many people at CR feel that they can sometimes, perhaps without understanding it, access future memory?
I said:
...Question is, how many people at CR feel that they can sometimes, perhaps without understanding it, access future memory?

You are definitely not alone. When I was 11, my dad got caught in a gale on Erie. He lived, and there were extenuating circumstances that helped propogate his chance for life (this story you know). Which leads me to my point.

At age 14 I began to have a recurring dream, it was a dream that I was flying (without external support), but that wasn't the important thing. What I was wearing, was. I was in a blue uniform. (one I did not recognize), that I understood meant part of a whole. But the flying told me I was apart from the whole, for some reason. Some times the flight was easy, and at other times difficult. Sometimes I could only walk, or could barely walk due to the weight (of my body).

But the strangest comfort was, that I wore that strange suit of clothes, no matter what, and it was like a second skin.

The dream was constant, from 1971 until 1996. Then it stopped.

But life changed from that moment on. And I wear that "strange" uniform, and I am part of the whole, but at the same time apart from the whole. Flying is the ease of accomplishments, or the burden of responsiblity, I now bear. And I see that the strange uniform I saw me in (31 years ago), is now the new one that I wear today...oh, and it is literally a brand new design of uniform, so I could not possibly have seen it else where.

What might bother me is, I never saw anything past the uniform and the flying...in otherwords, I never saw me as "old", and/or retired. (never saw me as dead either).

But, it has been a wonderful life so far, no regrets.
Actually, this phenomenon seems to be rather common among young people going through puberty {at least among my friends' kids, who always seem to come to me with questions about it.}
seattlegal said:
Actually, this phenomenon seems to be rather common among young people going through puberty {at least among my friends' kids, who always seem to come to me with questions about it.}

lol, I have been called alot of things, but a 45 year old pubesent is not one of them...but then again, I'm grateful.:D
I've often had strong feelings of deja-vu but I can't recall ever experiencing something quite like that. I do remember my last year of high school when all of the nearby (and some not to nearby) universities came and set up tables to show the soon to be graduates what they had to offer, I knew as soon as I saw a picture of the campus which university I was to go to and I did. But then you could say that was a self-fulfilling prophecy, couldn't you?

You COULD say it, and it COULD be, but that doesn't mean that it IS a self-fulfilling prophecy.


I'd say that just the fact that you are aware that it could be either way is a good thing. Blind faith sucks.
Oy, and to think the last quarter century was just a damn joke...I feel so much better now that I know I was stupid, and ignorant, and truly wasted tax payers' money...yah, what a yuts I was.
I have this idea that we are going to end up moving again...to California. And I don't want to go. My husband does not want to move there. We have no plans to move at all, much less to there. We said the same thing about NJ, just before we moved there. But still I have this idea that we will move to California.
I have seen pictures of myself and others close to me all my life, almost like photographs, doing things that later we do. And when we do them, I remember these visions, because they are so very close in detail--down to clothing and hair and things like that. Or holding certain instruments, like a guitar, or being in certain surroundings with which I am unfamiliar until I am there. But the context is always missing. Like, why am I there, wearing that, or in that place I have never seen? Anyway, I am trying to pay more attention to these "photographs" when I see them now, but I don't yet understand if this can be a helpful thing. I feel there is probably an important reason for it, but I don't yet know what it is.

But here is something that really blows me away--my mother once told me that she had dreamed about two airplanes crashing in mid-air. The next day, it happened. This isn't all she has "seen", but that is the biggest one I remember.

Maybe these sort of things run in families, I don't know. And maybe it was an educated guess, but two days ago, I told J.H. that I just had this nagging suspicion that my mother was in the hospital. Yes, she has been ill lately, but not seriously. The next morning, my dad called and told me they had just checked her in, and she was in the ICU. (She is better now.) Coincidence?

I can't help but think there is something to "future memory". Maybe everyone has it, too, and it is just a matter of tuning in to it. I dunno. But I find the subject fascinating. :cool:

InLove said:
I can't help but think there is something to "future memory". Maybe everyone has it, too, and it is just a matter of tuning in to it. I dunno. But I find the subject fascinating. :cool:


It seems to me that all things are manifested from thoughts. Each work of art and painting was conceived in the mind of the artist before it appeared to the eyes. Likewise with great architectual buildings, inventions, etc. etc. Therefor it seems natural to me that the manifestations that we see in our life today were first thoughts and dreams whether we were concious or not of them. In that respect, everyone has 'future memory' if one considers that a valid term. It seems to me that there is nothing that is not known and should we temporarily transcend the bounds of time to view the unmanifest we would see that which has not yet been seen but if followed has a propensity to materialize to the physical eyes. Just some related thoughts to consider.

Love in Christ,
Funny you should mention that, InLove - at the end of August 2001, I had a dream that I was walking around the town where I lived - Hull - and that the streets were filled with burning fire because a plane had crashed into the houses.

I tend to believe my own dreams are too complicated to be interpreted as premonitions, and when 9/11 happened I didn't think of the dream until after, trying to work out if there was some detail in there I interpret literally.
hmm runs in families...I think it is an acceptance thing...if you accept that it can happen it will with more frequency...if you doubt it, then you deny any occurances as coincidence...and eventually it shuts down.

So it could very easily 'run' in families one is used to seeing the skill in others, one assumes it is something they also could do.

Like much 'paranormal' it gets exploited by charlatans and becomes hard to seperate the wheat from the chafing dish.
Ever notice how children will remember some of the most insignificant details of a given circumstance, only to apply the memory connected to that "insignificant detail" in an insightful way, years on down the road? Isn't it interesting how we piece things together in new ways? IMHO, that is what we are doing when we dream or have these sort of "future memories." We are piecing together the clues we acquired in our past. {Isn't it interesting how we are sometimes reminded of the memory of an insignificant detail at an opportune time?} ;)
My future memory is like my past memory; basically everything is extremely vague and I'm not sure if it really happened (or will happen). I do get a moderate amount of deja vu and a general feeling that what I am doing now is what I was supposed to do. If my memory functioned more normally, I think I would be able to remember things in the future, though as it is I can't even remember if I have taken all of my vitamins on a day to day basis...
I have definitely experienced precognition over short periods. When I am involved in some tedious task alone my mind fills with noise - fragments of music and speech; often some of these stick in my memory and I hear them soon afterwards on the radio or in conversation.

However I would not underestimate the power of suggestion. When I was a student I used to take the National Express coach from London to Bath to see my girlfriend. I always looked forward to the magnificent view from the A4 above Box, down the By valley towards Bath. It gave me a thrill of pleasure. Ten years ago I landed a contract working at that very place, and could stroll over from my office and look down on that lovely view in my lunchtime. There are other examples, but everyone must have known something like this. And there are some things I'm still waiting to happen, but they will.
I said:
I figured I was going to be rich and successful

Question is, how many people at CR feel that they can sometimes, perhaps without understanding it, access future memory?

Well not me for one but can it be developed perhaps as a skill or is one born with it? Or have we all got it but are not all aware or have ignored it? Could it relate to a past or future life? I only have questions not answers because if there's something I'm missing out on to help me become rich: feel free to make suggestions!

Well, like this week I was late for something... I was up the night before until like 8:00am. I made the mistake of laying down to just get a quick wink, and I quickly fell asleep. In my dream I felt someone come and say that I was being misled. I quickly gave him a name and I felt myself being on a bus. I looked out the bus at the person who was trying to mislead me, and I don't know why but I let him know that I knew something by looking at my wrist. But I did not truly know why. The person outside the bus was tipped off and saying, "You knew?" Then I was kind of laughing as he got angry. Then I awoke and realized that it was precisely the time that I was supposed to be somewhere. It was 10:00am and I was supposed to be somewhere at 10:00am. I still needed a shower and I was going to be late. My reaction was mixed in awe as I was both delighted and pissed at the same time. It was kind of like deciding who I was in the dream.

On a few occasions I have slept when I wish I hadn't. On many others I have woken up precisely at the time that I mentally requested before I fell asleep. Is it possible for a person to have an alarm clock in their mind? I don't think so. I was not conscious of what it was that I was being misled for or by. If the mind knew, the soul didn't... if the soul knew, the mind didn't. There is a serious disconnect and I tend to believe that God (swt) or another entity comes and helps. Either that or I... the soul... knows something somewhere else but has no special power here over effecting memory. It is like either the dream was tailored in part for my benefit as I was awakened for my benefit, or I know something my mind doesn't but I can't bring it into the world. It is truly a bizaar relationship.

Measurably, I can only state that I occasionally wake up at the precise opportune or innopportune time with no alarm clock or tangible influence. I could form a scientific study around it. This time though I had a record of the dream as I came out of it, and it was rather strange.

As for waking Deja-Vu... yeah I get that too... just minor pieces. More a feeling. Usually around important events. Its not like predestination, but an indication that a situation was predicted and considered in advance.
cyberpi said:
. Is it possible for a person to have an alarm clock in their mind?

I can tell you there Cyberpi buddy, we do have a clock inside our minds. After 27 years of service requiring absolute timeliness, regardless of having an alarm or not, we can hone our internal clocks to be alarms for us.