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Re: Speaking in tongues IN BORAT

Borat is a satyrical low budget, major profit film. The lead is Jewish, Oxford educated and abuses in his bits every nationality and religion and societal norm known to man. Nothing is untouched.

The reference in question is a church he enters and films the parishoners and leaders of. His 'cover' story is that he is from Kazahkstan and is doing a documentary about America...this gets him in all sorts of situations, opens many doors, and then with his accent and feigned ignorance he pushes the envelope until it breaks.

From what I've seen of most people it creates uneasiness regarding the victims of his satire yet hilarious as situation comedy reality movies go...until he offends you. Of course he is an equal opportunity offender and starts out, and continues to put both Jews and anti-semetic thinking on the line throughout.
Reminds me of another Kenyan story. Same pastor and his wife. They were telling me about people they had heard speaking in tongues, that it sounded like they were repeatedly and quickly saying, "she came riding on a honda"

No, no.

It's "She come in on a Honda, She left in a Yamaha."

(You have to say it quickly to get the right effect.)