witout god why would our soldiers fight?

Like the preachers before a football game, both are saying prayers for their team to win, as if G-d takes sides.

Both sides believe they are protecting their land and their people, and often warping whatever scriptures they can to rally the emotions of the troops and the citizenry to support the effort in lives and wealth.

I never prayed to win... Everything that happens I believe it is your doing... If I come home, I have done well. I have done what needed to be done to survive... If I do not come home... Well someone else was better than me simple. A prayer may lift some peoples morale.. But it isn't logical when you're looking around at the situation.. I guess that can differ for some. If the guy that has the bullet with my name on it gets me he was better than me.. I made mistakes he didn't he deserved that defeat lol a prayer wouldn't have stopped it. "There is no place on the battlefield for god." - 17th :D

Both sides ARE protecting their land/people/ways or whatever... In most cases I don't see one side as wrong one side as right, cause it ain't like that... Both sides have their reasons to stand their ground and exchange blows with their enemy until the death most times.... I just so happen to be on one side with what I hold as right.. They ain't wrong, they just on the opposing side at that current time. Then I guess it gets left for those who were not on the battlefield to "raise the awarness" that the winner was right and the losers were wrong. "War isn't about who is right, it's about who is left." There's one of them classic quotes...
excuse me?

how does survival make me want to go fight for an idea such as society?

if arabs were not crazy freaking muslims, i bet we wouldnt have to worry about them hurting us.

"i dont beleive you, you need more people" - jay-z

Um, there are only 250 million Arabs in the world. But there are over 1.2 billion Muslims in the world...so which is it? Muslim, or Arabs? Or is it Arabs that happen to be Muslims?

Do you see the danger in that kind of thinking?
I never prayed to win... Everything that happens I believe it is your doing.
you can pray whatever you want to pray, its your personal relationship with god. its not a matter of who side is god on, its a matter of sincerity, repentance, humbleness, and giving all that you do and who you are to god.
that one is quite interesting.

dont forget

why would ANY soldiers fight, not just the christian ones.

i still thik religion helps society control

and society has developed a mind just like the peoples ideas that formed it

and guess

its obvious that societies want to be the best!

just look at history, expansion, and imperialism and wars!

god is indeed mysterious

Something will become a society's god, whether it is government, or a diety, or collective self. A vaccuum cannot remain such for long.