The observer...proof of our immortality?


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The observer...proof of our immortality?

The observer is a scientifically proven entity of self [relativity and quantum physics]. But how can it possibly be simply a function of the brain? I mean is it an interaction of the electro chemical matrix of our neurons, if so then it must come down to electrons interacting with photons yes? If this is the case then all electrons must be observers, yet would you think that the electricity running through the cable in your home is capable of such a thing esp' when considering how powerful and fundamental the observer is to 'you'. If any kind of particle was an observer then that would mean that the quantum energies that they are composed of are also observers – which is literally impossible as they would then observe each other which would have a measurable effect just as when they are observed by us!

I know some people will think that the observer is a collection of particles that when put together in a 'special arrangement' [?] like as a matrix of neurons in the brain, then they somehow become the entity which we call the observer as if by magic. But even if this most unlikely scenario is said to be so, we are left with several problems, firstly the said matrix must have 'gained' something that is the entity of the observer. Secondly, we are still left with the question; what is the observer! What exactly is it that can travel vast distances instantly and connect with objects or quantum energies?

If the observer is non physical what is it? It is simply an entity unto itself it needs no other definition to verify itself it is simply a non physical entity that is as real as any physical entity. Once we come to this realisation then it must be noted that 'you' [holistic self] and the observer cannot be separated, the observer is simply a part of the greater entity of 'mind' that is you, so if the observer exists as its own entity then the mind must also exist as its own entity as they are indistinguishable.

Both the observer and the mind then are not constrained by the physicality of the human form, nor of physicality itself!
So what limits this entity/being? They are not produced physically or this would mean that quantum energies and the particles they compose have the 'ability' to create observers!.. [and mind nature] which they do not, or that energy can create non-energy entities, if this is the case then [extremely doubtful] we would soon be asking if energy is created by non physical entities as this is the obvious inversion of the case.

People like Richard Dawkins [whom i admire greatly] ask to prove that the soul exists, well i say to them; prove that it does not!?